Sunderland 1 Man United 2

Adnan Januzaj

Sun­der­land 1 Man­chester Uni­ted 2, The Sta­dium of Light, Eng­lish Pre­mier Lea­gue, Oct­ober 5, 2013. Da­vid Moyes´s Man­chester Uni­ted re­gistered a highly en­cour­aging 2-1 tri­umph ag­ainst Sun­der­land at The Sta­dium of Light. Eng­land U21 in­ter­na­tion­al Craig Gard­ner put the ho­me si­de in­to an early lead, but a sec­ond-ha­lf double from Bel­gian wing­er Ad­nan Janu­zaj turned the ga­me ar­ound for United.

Bo­th Man­chester Uni­ted and Sun­der­land had ex­per­i­enced a rather slow start to the 2013-14 cam­paign. The Man­chester Reds had won a dis­ap­point­ing sev­en points from six mat­ches thus far in the sea­son, whi­le The Black Cats had ma­naged to gain on­ly one point from six ga­mes played. Re­gard­ing in­jury prob­lems, Man­chester Uni­ted gaf­fer Da­vid Moyes had to make do with­out the ser­vices of cent­ral de­fender Rio Fer­dinand and mid­fielder Tom Clev­er­ley due to groin and calf in­jur­ies re­spect­ively. Sun­der­land care­taker boss Kev­in Ball, mean­while, had to cope with­out  the phys­ic­al pres­ence of Wes­ley Bro­wn, An­drea Dossena, and Ste­ven Fletch­er who were all side­lined wi­th vari­ous in­jur­ies. Sunderland´s in­ter­im man­ager could hardly have asked for a bet­ter start to the mat­ch ag­ainst Man­chester Uni­ted, how­ever, as he watched his boys take the lead in the fifth min­ute of play when a dan­ger­ous low cross ball from Itali­an in­ter­na­tion­al wing­er Emanuele Gi­ac­cher­ini ev­entually ended up at the two feet of ver­sat­ile mid­fielder Craig Gard­ner who net­ted from clo­se ran­ge. The Sta­dium of Light troops con­tin­ued to put Man­chester Uni­ted cus­todi­an Da­vid de Gea un­der pres­sure as the fir­st pe­riod wore on and they al­most pro­duced their sec­ond goal of the af­ter­noon ten min­utes be­fore the sound of the ha­lf-time horn, but Gi­ac­cher­ini saw his bril­liant head­ed ef­fort su­perbly stopped by the Spaniard.

Fol­low­ing the in­ter­mis­sion re­fresh­ments, it was Man­chester Uni­ted who came out the strong­er of the two te­ams. On­ly ten min­utes in­to the sec­ond pe­riod of the clash, Ad­nan Janu­zaj power­ed ho­me an ac­cur­ately cros­sed ball from ex­per­i­enced de­fender Pat­rice Ev­ra, and the tal­en­ted flank for­ward sco­red ag­ain when he be­at Sun­der­land shot stop­per Kier­en West­wood, wi­th an as­ton­ish­ing left-foot vol­ley from twelve yards out a mere six min­utes la­ter in the en­counter. Hol­land in­ter­na­tion­al Robin van Per­sie should have ad­ded a third in the fi­nal min­ute, but the usu­ally re­li­able marks­man missed when clean thro­ugh on the goal­keeper. As a res­ult of the hard fou­ght away vic­tory ag­ainst bot­tom-of-the-ta­ble Sun­der­land, Man­chester Uni­ted mo­ved three places up to ninth in stand­ings. Sun­der­land Te­am: Kier­en West­wood, On­drej Ce­lustka, John O’Shea, Valentin Roberge, Jack Col­back, Craig Gard­ner, Lee Cat­ter­mole, Emanuele Gi­ac­cher­ini, Ad­am John­son, Ki Sung-yueng, Jozy Altidore. Sub­stitutes: Car­los Cuel­lar, Seb Larsson, Cab­ral, Fa­bio Borini, Ji Dong-won, Con­nor Wick­ham, Vito Man­none. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Da­vid de Gea, Ra­fael, Phil Jones, Ne­manja Vid­ic, Pat­rice Ev­ra, Ad­nan Janu­zaj, Nani, Mi­chael Car­rick, Tom Clev­er­ley, Way­ne Roo­ney, Robin van Per­sie. Sub­stitutes: Dan­ny Wel­beck, Javi­er Her­nandez, Chris Small­ing, Va­lencia, Ry­an Gig­gs, Shinji Ka­gawa, An­ders Lindegaard.


Adnan Januzaj Quickfacts

Ad­nan Janu­zaj made his com­pet­it­ive de­but for Man­chester Uni­ted as a sub­sti­tute for Robin van Per­sie in the 2–0 FA Com­munity Shield vic­tory ag­ainst Wi­gan Ath­let­ic on the 11th of Au­gust 2013.


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