Brighton 3 Manchester U 2

Jose Mourinho

Brighton and Hove Al­bion 3 Man­chester Uni­ted 2, Amex Sta­dium, Eng­lish Pre­mier Lea­gue, Au­gust 19, 2018. Jose Mou­rinho was­n’t ex­actly de­lighted wi­th what he saw from his play­ers in the away fix­ture ag­ainst Brighton. Man­chester Uni­ted fou­nd them­selves two goals down with­in the fir­st twenty-sev­en min­utes of the mat­ch and ul­ti­mately lost the ga­me 3-2.

Brighton bro­ught Man­chester Uni­ted down to earth as The Seagulls ma­naged to edge out Jose Mourinho´s star stud­ded si­de by 3-2 in front of a 30,000 crowd at Amex Sta­dium to gain their sec­ond con­sec­ut­ive Pre­mier Lea­gue ho­me win over The Reds. Mou­rinho re­placed An­dreas Pe­reira, Ju­an Ma­ta, and An­thony Mar­tial wi­th Jesse Lin­gard, Mar­cus Rash­ford, and Mar­ou­ane Fel­laini re­spect­ively af­ter the in­ter­val, but no­ne of the sub­stitutes really made an im­pact on the te­am. The res­ult meant that Uni­ted were now sit­ting tenth in the Pre­miership ta­ble wi­th three points won from two mat­ches. Jose Mou­rinho: “We were pun­ished by the mis­takes we made. For me that’s the story of the ga­me. We made in­cred­ible mis­takes in some cru­cial mo­ments. Mis­takes that killed us.” Brighton and Hove Al­bion Te­am: Math­ew Ry­an, Gaetan Bong, Lewis Dunk, Shane Duffy, Mar­tin Mon­toya, Solly Mar­ch, Pas­cal Gross, Davy Prop­per, Dale Ste­phens, An­thony Knock­aert, Glenn Mur­ray. Sub­stitutes: Le­on Ba­lo­gun, Bern­ardo, Yves Bis­souma, Alireza Ja­han­bakh­sh, Be­ram Kay­al, Jur­gen Lo­c­a­dia, Da­vid But­ton. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Da­vid de Gea, Eric Bailly, Vic­tor Lin­delof, Lu­ke Shaw, Ash­ley Young, An­dreas Pe­reira, Fred, Ju­an Ma­ta, Paul Po­gba, An­thony Mar­tial, Ro­melu Lu­kaku. Sub­stitutes: Chris Small­ing, An­der Her­rera, Mar­ou­ane Fel­laini, Jesse Lin­gard, Scott Mc­Tom­inay, Mar­cus Rash­ford, Lee Grant.


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