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Carlo Sartori

Carlo Domen­ico Sar­tori, born Ca­derzone, Italy, Feb­ruary 10, 1948. Born to Itali­an par­ents, Carlo Sar­tori was the fir­st ever non-Brit­ish play­er to ap­pear for Man­chester Uni­ted. Sar­tori, who was dis­covered whi­le play­ing for Man­chester Boys and Lan­cashire Boys, re­gistered wi­th Uni­ted as an am­a­teur play­er in Ju­ly 1963, at the age of 15, and agreed to his fir­st pro­fes­sion­al con­tract wi­th the si­de in Feb­ruary 1965. 

Al­though Carlo Sar­tori was born in Italy, the pro­mising stri­ker was bro­ught up just a Harry Gregg goal-kick away from Old Traf­ford. He was giv­en his Fir­st Di­vi­sion de­but for Man­chester Uni­ted by Matt Busby when he took the field as a sub­sti­tute for spe­cial­ist left wing­back Fran­cis Burns in a 2-2 draw ag­ainst Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur at White Hart Lane on the 9th of Oct­ober 1968 and sco­red his fir­st goal for the te­am in a 3-1 Euro­pean Cup Sec­ond Ro­und Sec­ond Leg de­feat ag­ainst Bel­gian Cham­pi­ons An­der­lecht at Emile Verse Sta­dium in Brus­sels on the 27th of Nov­ember 1968. He net­ted his fir­st Foot­ball Lea­gue goal for Uni­ted in a 2-1 tri­umph over Ar­senal at Old Traf­ford on the 10th of Jan­uary 1970 and hit an­oth­er in a 2-2 draw wi­th Sto­ke City at Vic­tor­ia Gro­und on the 28th of the fol­low­ing month. But wi­th com­pet­i­tion for fir­st te­am places fierce at Man­chester Uni­ted, Sar­tori would find him­self down the peck­ing or­der un­der Ir­ish man­ager Frank O´Farrell and he made his fi­nal ap­pear­ance for the si­de when he came on as a sub­sti­tute for fel­low front­man Alan Gowl­ing in the 74th min­ute of a 3-1 Fir­st Di­vi­sion de­feat ag­ainst Wolver­hampton Wan­derers at Old Traf­ford on the 8th of Jan­uary 1972. Dur­ing his four sea­sons at Man­chester Uni­ted, he ma­naged to make a total of 55 fir­st class ap­pear­ances for the club be­fore re­cently ap­poin­ted head coach Tom­my Doc­herty ul­ti­mately de­cided to sell him to Itali­an Serie A out­fit Bo­logna for a trans­fer fee of £50,000 mid­way thro­ugh the 1972-73 cam­paign. Whi­le wi­th the Emil­ia Ro­magna club, the ginger haired for­ward was con­ver­ted in­to a highly de­pend­able cent­ral de­fender who pro­ceeded to play for Spal Fer­rera, Be­nevento, Lecce, Rimini, and Trento, and des­pite ap­pear­ing for less­er te­ams he no doubt fou­nd Italy as a good place bo­th to live and en­joy a fine ca­reer. Carlo Sar­tori Play­ing Ca­reer: Man­chester Uni­ted, Bo­logna, Spal Fer­rera, Be­nevento, Lecce, Rimini, Trento. Play­ing Hon­ours: None.


Carlo Sartori Quickfacts

Af­ter spend­ing over a dec­ade in Italy, Carlo Sar­tori re­tired from the ga­me in 1984 and sub­sequently re­turned to Eng­land to work for his family’s knife and scis­sor grind­ing busi­ness in Manchester.


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