China 1 New Zealand 1

Dong Fangzhuo

China 1 New Zea­l­and 1, Shenyang Olympic Sta­dium, Olympic Mat­ch, Au­gust 7, 2008. China ma­naged a 1-1 draw ag­ainst New Zea­l­and at Shenyang Olympic Sta­dium. The Chinese fou­ght back from be­ing a goal down to snatch a point from the jaws of de­feat cour­tesy of a late goal from Man­chester Uni­ted for­ward Dong Fang­zhuo in the 88th min­ute of the clash.

There was dra­ma at Shenyang Olympic Sta­dium as New Zea­l­and centre back Ste­ven Old was giv­en his march­ing or­ders by Ur­uguay­an mat­ch of­fi­cial Martín Vazquez af­ter re­ceiv­ing his sec­ond yel­low card af­ter hand­ling the ball in the 39th min­ute of the con­test. The All Whi­tes nev­er­the­less went in­to the lead in the 53rd min­ute of the tussle when Craig Hen­derson col­lec­ted the ball just out­side the eight­een-yard area and flicked it on to his fel­low mid­field man Jeremy Brock­ie who stormed in­to the box and ham­mered the ball pa­st Shang­hai Shen­hua and China goal­tender Shenjiong Qiu and in­to the back of the net to hand his coun­try a 1-0 ad­vant­age. China wor­ked hard to find an equal­iser and were re­war­ded when Man­chester United´s Dong Fang­zhuo head­ed ho­me to make it 1-1 wi­th as little as two min­utes re­maining on the watch. China Te­am: Shenjiong Qiu, Weifeng Li, Yuan Wei­wei, Feng Xiaot­ing, Wang­song Tan, Zhou Haib­in, Zheng Zhi, Hao Jun­min, Tao Chen, Cui Peng, Peng Han, Gao Lin, Ji­ang Ning. Sub­stitutes: Liu Zhenli, Zhao Xuri, Houli­ang Wan, Longy­uan Shen, Fang­zhou Dong. New Ze­land Te­am: Jac­ob Spoon­ley, Ry­an Nelsen, Ste­ven Old, Sam Jen­kins, Aar­on Scott, Ian Hogg, Cole Tink­ler, Jeremy Brock­ie, Si­mon El­li­ott, Cole Pever­ley, Shaun van Rooy­en, Craig Hen­derson, Chris­toph­er Kil­len. Sub­stitutes: Liam Little, Mi­chael Box­all, Dan­iel El­lensohn, Greg Draper, Sam Messam.


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