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Colin Waldron

Co­lin Wal­dron, born Bris­tol, Eng­land, June 22, 1948. Al­though born in Bris­tol, Co­lin Wal­dron was bro­ught up in Lan­cashire and star­ted his pro­fes­sion­al ca­reer wi­th Sec­ond Di­vi­sion te­am Bury in 1966. Fol­low­ing 20 Foot­ball Lea­gue ap­pear­ances for The Shakers, he then joi­ned for­ces wi­th Fir­st Di­vi­sion high-fli­ers Chel­sea at the start of the 1967-68 campaign.

Co­lin Wal­dron was han­ded his Foot­ball Lea­gue de­but for for Chel­sea in a 1-0 vic­tory ag­ainst West Brom­wich Al­bion at The Haw­thorns on the 19th of Au­gust 1967, and made his ho­me de­but for The Pen­sion­ers in a 1-1 Fir­st Di­vi­sion draw wi­th New­castle Uni­ted four days la­ter. Af­ter ap­pear­ing in on­ly nine Fir­st Di­vi­sion mat­ches for Chel­sea un­der am­bi­tious and de­mand­ing Stam­ford Bridge man­ager Tom­my Doc­herty, he was bro­ught back to Lan­cashire by Burn­ley Head Coach Harry Potts for a trans­fer fee some­where in the re­gion of £30,000 at the front end of the 1967-68 sea­son, and was gran­ted his Di­vi­sion One de­but for The Clarets in a 2-2 draw ag­ainst South­ampton at The Dell on the 28th of Oct­ober 1967. Whi­le at Turf Moor, the de­pend­able de­fender made an im­press­ive 308 Foot­ball Lea­gue ap­pear­ances for the club, and was an im­port­ant part of the te­am which won the Sec­ond Di­vi­sion Cham­pi­on­ship in 1973, and rea­ched the FA Cup Semi-Fi­nals the fol­low­ing year. He then sig­ned wi­th Man­chester Uni­ted at the be­gin­ning of the 1975-76 sea­son, and was giv­en his de­but by no­ne oth­er than Tom­my Doc­herty in a 2-2 Lea­gue Cup Third Ro­und Re­play draw ag­ainst Sun­der­land at Roker Park on the 4th of Oct­ober 1976. Un­for­tu­nately, his Man­chester Uni­ted ca­reer was rather short lived, and he was still a fringe play­er when he left The Reds to te­am up wi­th Jim­my Adamson´s Sun­der­land mid­way thro­ugh the 1976-77 cam­paign. Af­ter play­ing 20 Lea­gue ga­mes for The Roker­ites, he ap­peared for Tulsa Rough­necks, Phil­adelphia Fury, Moss­ley, At­lanta Chiefs, and then fi­nally Roch­dale where he fin­ished his foot­balling days in 1980. Co­lin Wal­dron Play­ing Ca­reer: Bury, Chel­sea, Burn­ley, Man­chester Uni­ted, Sun­der­land, Tulsa Rough­necks, Phil­adelphia Fury, Moss­ley, At­lanta Chiefs, Roch­dale. Manging Ca­reer: None.


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