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Danny Welbeck

Dan­iel Nii Tack­ie Mensah Wel­beck, born Man­chester, Eng­land, Nov­ember 26, 1990. A Man­cuni­an, Dan­ny Wel­beck sig­ned as an ap­pren­tice wi­th his loc­al si­de Man­chester Uni­ted in Ju­ly 2007 and the speedy for­ward went on to re­gister a total of 29 goals in 142 fir­st te­am ga­mes for the Old Traf­ford club be­fore he was sold to Ar­senal for trans­fer fee of £16 mil­lion at the front end of the 2014-15 campaign.

Dan­ny Wel­beck was giv­en his de­but for Man­chester Uni­ted by Sir Al­ex Fer­guson in a 3-1 Lea­gue Cup Third Ro­und vic­tory ag­ainst fel­low Pre­miership out­fit Middles­brough at Old Traf­ford on the 23rd of Septem­ber 2008, but he was shipped out on loan to Cham­pi­on­ship club Pre­ston North End in 2009-10 and to Pre­mier Lea­gue si­de Sun­der­land in 2010-11 in or­der to get more fir­st te­am ex­pos­ure. Dur­ing his Man­chester Uni­ted ca­reer, Wel­beck won the Pre­mier Lea­gue in 2012–13, the Foot­ball Lea­gue Cup in 2008–09, the FA Com­munity Shield in 2011 and 2013, and the FIFA Club Wor­ld Cup in 2008. Fol­low­ing 20 Pre­mier Lea­gue goals in 90 ap­pear­ances for The Reds, he sig­ned a long-term deal wi­th Ar­sene Wenger´s Ar­senal in Septem­ber 2014. An in­ter­na­tion­al for Eng­land, Wel­beck was han­ded his seni­or de­but for The Three Li­ons by Itali­an head coach Fa­bio Capello as a sec­ond-ha­lf sub­sti­tute for As­ton Vil­la wing­er Ash­ley Young in a 1-1 friendly draw ag­ainst Ghana at Wemb­ley on the 29th of Mar­ch 2011. Dan­ny Wel­beck Play­ing Ca­reer: Man­chester Uni­ted, Pre­ston North End, Sun­der­land, Ar­senal. Play­ing Hon­ours: Eng­lish Pre­mier Lea­gue 2013, Eng­lish FA Cup 2017, Eng­lish Foot­ball Lea­gue Cup 2009, 2010, Eng­lish FA Com­munity Shield 2011, 2013, 2017, FIFA Club Wor­ld Cup 2008.


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