England 2 Yugoslavia 1

Bryan Robson

Eng­land 2 Yugo­slavia 1, Wemb­ley Sta­dium, In­ter­na­tion­al Friendly Mat­ch, Dec­ember 13, 1989. Man­chester Uni­ted mid­fielder Bry­an Rob­son hit a brace as Eng­land edged out Yugo­slavia by two goals to one in front of a crowd of on­ly 35,000 spec­tat­ors at Wemb­ley.

The Three Li­ons went in­to an early lead thanks to skip­per Bry­an Rob­son who head­ed a curl­ing free-kick from the right pa­st Yugo­slavia goal­keeper Tom­is­lav Ivkovic and in­to the back of the net net wi­th barely a min­ute gone of the friendly en­counter. The Yugoslavi­ans hit back six­teen min­utes la­ter in the ga­me when Har­is Skoro sent a long-dis­tance ef­fort pa­st the out­stretched right arm of Eng­land cus­todi­an Pe­ter Shilton and in­to the bot­tom left-hand cor­ner of the net, but Bob­by Robson´s boys ul­ti­mately had their win­ner in the 69th min­ute of the mat­ch as Ste­ve Bull clev­erly flicked a low cross by Paul Par­ker in­to the path of the on-rush­ing Rob­son who­se power­ful shot from in­side the eight­een-yard area left Ivkovic wi­th no chan­ce to stop it what­soever. Eng­land Te­am: Pe­ter Shilton, Paul Par­ker, Stu­art Pe­arce, Mi­chael Tho­mas, Des Walk­er, Terry Butcher, Bry­an Rob­son, Da­vid Ro­castle, Ste­ve Bull, Ga­ry Lin­eker, Chris Waddle. Sub­stitutes: To­ny Dorigo, Ste­ve Hodge, Ste­ve McMa­hon, Da­vid Platt, Dave Beas­ant. Yugo­slavia Te­am: Tom­is­lav Ivkovic, Faruk Hadz­ib­e­gic , Pre­drag Spasic, Vu­jad­in Stan­o­jkovic, Zor­an Vulic, Dragoljub Brnovic, Dragan Sto­jkovic, Safet Susic, Rad­mi­lo Mi­hajlovic, Toni Savevski, Har­is Skoro. Sub­stitutes: An­drej Pa­nad­ic, Gordan Pet­ric, Ro­bert Prosinecki.


England Quickfacts

Eng­land be­at Yug­sol­avia 2-0 in an in­ter­na­tion­al friendly tie at Wemb­ley on the fourth of May 1966. Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur for­ward Jim­my Greaves put The Three Li­ons ahead in the ninth min­ute be­fore Man­chester United´s Bob­by Charl­ton hit a sec­ond goal wi­th el­ev­en min­utes left of the fir­st half. 


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