England 4 Croatia 2

Croa­tia went ahead thanks to an early goal from Niko Ko­vac who poked the ball in­to net af­ter five min­utes, but a clo­se ran­ge head­er from Paul Scho­les drew Eng­land level in the 40 min­ute of the clash, and on­ly five min­utes la­ter Way­ne Roo­ney power­ed an un­stoppable shot pa­st Croa­tian cus­todi­an Tom­is­lav Butina and in­to the net to give his coun­try the lead. In the sec­ond ha­lf, Eng­land in­creased their ad­vant­age cour­tesy of a su­perb fin­ish from Roo­ney, and al­though Ig­or Tu­dor ma­naged to find the net for The Chequered Ones on 73 min­utes, Frank Lam­pard made it 4-2 to The Three Li­ons wi­th el­ev­en min­utes left of the tie. Eng­land Te­am: Da­vid Ja­mes, Ga­ry Ne­ville, Sol Camp­bell, John Terry, Ash­ley Cole, Da­vid Beck­ham, Ste­ven Ger­rard, Frank Lam­pard, Paul Scho­les, Mi­chael Owen, Way­ne Roo­ney. Sub­stitutes: Led­ley King, Phil Ne­ville, Dari­us Vas­sell. Croa­tia Te­am: Tom­is­lav Butina, Ro­bert Ko­vac, Dario Sim­ic, Jo­sip Simu­nic, Ig­or Tu­dor, Bor­is Zivkovic, Niko Ko­vac, Mil­an Rapa­ic, Dado Prso, Dovani Rosso, Tom­is­lav Sokota. Sub­stitutes: Dar­ijo Srna, Ivica Mor­n­ar, Ivica Olic.


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