England 6 Iceland 1

Wayne Rooney

Eng­land 6 Ice­land 1, City of Man­chester Sta­dium, FA Sum­mer Tour­na­ment, June 5, 2004. The Three Li­ons be­at Ice­land to the tune of a 6-1 score thanks to braces from Way­ne Roo­ney and Dari­us Vas­sell, plus a goal each by Frank Lam­pard and Way­ne Bridge. 

Eng­land took the ad­vant­age at the City of Man­chester Sta­dium thro­ugh a de­flec­ted shot by Frank Lam­pard in the 25th min­ute of con­test. Spurred on by the open­ing goal, the ho­me te­am in­creased the pace even more and doubled their lead wi­th a clo­se ran­ge ef­fort from Way­ne Roo­ney two min­utes la­ter. Eng­land ex­ten­ded their ad­vant­age as Roo­ney fou­nd the tar­get wi­th a stun­ning shot from 25 yards out in the 38th min­ute be­fore Heidar Hel­guson ma­naged to re­duce the de­fi­cit for the vis­it­ors wi­th three min­utes left of the fir­st ha­lf. The hosts had their fourth goal of the day when sec­ond-ha­lf sub­sti­tute Dari­us Vas­sell fou­nd the net from a few yards out twelve min­utes af­ter the re­start and then stret­ched their lead fur­ther wi­th a fine fin­ish from Way­ne Bridge, an­oth­er sec­ond-ha­lf sub­sti­tute, eight min­utes pa­st the hour ma­rk. And there was more to come from Eng­land as Vas­sell beau­ti­fully curled the ball from out­side the pen­alty area pa­st the away goal­keeper and in­to the net in the 77th min­ute of the one-sided af­fair to hand The Three Li­ons a con­fid­ence-boost­ing 6-1 win over Ice­land ahead of the Euro­pean Cham­pi­on­ship in Por­tugal. Eng­land Te­am: Paul Robin­son, Ga­ry Ne­ville, Sol Camp­bell, Jam­ie Car­ra­gh­er, Ash­ley Cole, Da­vid Beck­ham, Frank Lam­pard, Paul Scho­les, Mi­chael Owen, Way­ne Roo­ney, Ste­ven Ger­rard. Sub­stitutes: Owen Har­greaves, Led­ley King, Phil Ne­ville, Way­ne Bridge, Nicky Butt, Joe Cole, Kieron Dyer, Jer­main De­foe, Emile Hes­key, Dari­us Vas­sell, Da­vid Ja­mes, Ian Walk­er. Ice­land Te­am: Arni Gau­tur Ara­son, In­dridi Sig­urdsson, Her­mann Hreidarsson, Ivar Ingi­marsson, Petur Haflidi Marteinsson, Arn­ar Gretarsson, Joey Gud­jonsson, Thordur Gud­jonsson, Ei­dur Gud­johnsen, Heidar Hel­guson, Helgi Sig­urdsson. Sub­stitutes: Audun Hel­gas­on, Hjalmar Jonsson, Kristjan Orn Sig­urdsson, Marel Baldv­insson, Bjarni Gud­jonsson, Jo­hann Gud­mundsson, Tryg­gvi Gud­mundsson, Kristjan Finnbogason.


England Quickfacts

Eng­land were held to a 1-1 draw by Ice­land in a friendly mat­ch at Laugar­dalsvollur on the 2nd of June 1982. Paul God­dard, who had re­placed Cyrille Re­gis in the fir­st ha­lf, equal­ised for The Three Li­ons on 70 min­utes af­ter Arnor Gud­johnsen had giv­en the Icelanders the lead in the 23rd minute.


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