England 1 Norway 0

Roy Hodgson

Eng­land 1 Nor­way 0, Wemb­ley Sta­dium, In­ter­na­tion­al Friendly Mat­ch, Septem­ber 3, 2014. Roy Hodg­son de­fen­ded the per­form­ance of his Eng­land si­de des­pite me­dia cri­ti­cism for not hav­ing cre­ated enough goal scor­ing op­por­tun­it­ies in the friendly ga­me ag­ainst Nor­way. Man­chester Uni­ted ace Way­ne Roo­ney pro­duced the on­ly goal of the mid­week mat­ch when the high-pro­file marks­man con­ver­ted from the pen­alty spot in the 68 min­ute of the tie.

Eng­land dom­in­ated the pos­ses­sion of the ball for large parts of the en­counter wi­th Nor­way, but The Three Li­ons cre­ated very few chances for them­selves. Roy Hodg­son: “If we had have played badly ag­ainst Nor­way, if a lot of play­ers had had really poor per­form­ances, if the qual­ity of our passing and move­ment was noth­ing like I wanted to see, if our de­fend­ing was not as com­pact, ag­gress­ive and or­gan­ised as it was for large peri­ods of ga­mes, I would be the fir­st to say so. But I am not go­ing to say it is that just be­cause we had a bad Wor­ld Cup.’’ Eng­land Squad: Fraser For­ster, Joe Hart, Ben Fo­ster, Leigh­ton Baines, Ga­ry Ca­hill, Calum Cham­bers, Phil Ja­gielka, Phil Jones, Dan­ny Rose, John Stones, Jack Col­back, Jack Wil­shere, Fa­bi­an Delph, Jor­dan Hen­derson, Ja­mes Mil­ner, Ra­heem Ster­ling, An­dros Town­send, Al­ex­an­der Oxlade-Cham­ber­lain, Rick­ie Lam­bert, Way­ne Roo­ney, Dan­iel Stur­ridge, Dan­ny Wel­beck. Eng­land Te­am: Joe Hart, Leigh­ton Baines, Phil Jones, John Stones, Ga­ry Ca­hill, Jack Wil­shere, Al­ex Oxlade-Cham­ber­lain, Ra­heem Ster­ling, Jor­dan Hen­derson, Way­ne Roo­ney, Dan­iel Stur­ridge. Sub­stitutes: Calum Cham­bers, Phil Ja­gielka, Ja­mes Mil­ner, Dan­ny Rose, Fa­bi­an Delph, An­dros Town­send, Rick­ie Lam­bert, Dan­ny Wel­beck, Fraser For­ster. Nor­way Te­am: Or­jan Ny­land, Mar­tin Lin­nes, Hav­ard Nordtveit, Omar Elab­del­laoui, Ve­gard For­ren, Stefan Jo­hansen, Mats Moller Daehli, Per Skjel­bred, Ruben Yt­ter­gard Jenssen, Tarik Elyoun­oussi, Joshua King. Sub­stitutes: Fre­drik Semb Berge, Per Egil Flo, Stef­fan Ha­gen, Mo­hamed Elyoun­oussi, An­ders Kon­radssen, Morten Gamst Ped­er­sen Jone Samuelsen, Al­ex Tettey, Ola Kamara, Hav­ard Kal­levik Nielsen, An­dre Han­sen, Rune Al­men­ning Jarstein.


England Quickfacts

Eng­land over­came Nor­way 4-0 at New­castle United´s St Ja­mes´ Park on the 9th of Nov­ember 1938 thanks to a brace by Reg Smith and a goal each from Ron­nie Dix and Tom­my Lawton. 


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