England 4 Montenegro 1

Eng­land had no prob­lems out­classing and out­play­ing the min­nows of Montenegro as they really turned on the style and han­ded out a goal scor­ing les­son to Branko Brnovic´s men at Wemb­ley. The white shirts nev­er­the­less fou­nd it hard to get to grips wi­th the mat­ch be­fore Way­ne Roo­ney sco­red a clo­se ran­ge open­er for the ho­me si­de on­ly three min­utes in­to the sec­ond ha­lf. The hosts con­tin­ued to put pres­sure on the vis­it­ors and doubled their ad­vant­age thanks to a spec­tac­u­lar own goal from Rap­id Vienna´s Branko Boskovic in the 62nd min­ute of the fix­ture. De­jan Dam­jan­ovic ev­entually re­duced the de­fi­cit for Montenegro af­ter 71 min­utes of the play on­ly for Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur play­er An­dros Town­send to put the Eng­lish te­am in­to a 3-1 lead wi­th a shot from over 25 yards out a mere sev­en min­utes la­ter in the en­counter. Then, af­ter 90 min­utes of the ac­tion, Liverpool´s Dan­iel Stur­ridge was bro­ught to the gro­und in­side the 18-yard area and the for­ward con­ver­ted the sub­sequent pen­alty kick him­self to make it 4-1. Eng­land Start­ing Lineup: Joe Hart, Kyle Walk­er, Ga­ry Ca­hill, Phil Ja­gielka, Leigh­ton Baines, An­dros Town­send, Ste­ven Ger­rard, Frank Lam­pard, Way­ne Roo­ney, Dan­ny Wel­beck, Dan­iel Stur­ridge. Eng­land Sub­stitutes: Fraser For­ster, John Rud­dy, Chris Small­ing, Kier­an Gibbs, Ja­mes Mil­ner, Phil Jones, Ross Barkley, Mi­chael Car­rick, Jack Wil­shere, Rick­ie Lam­bert, Jer­main Defoe.


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