England 2 Poland 0

Roy Hodg­son was left beam­ing as Eng­land be­at Wal­de­mar Fornalik´s Po­land si­de by two goals to no­ne. Bo­th Eng­land and Po­land had their op­por­tun­it­ies to score early on in the 2014 Wor­ld Cup Quali­fier at Wemb­ley, but it was the hosts who ma­naged to break the dead­lock when of­fens­ive ori­ented Good­ison Park de­fender Leigh­ton Baines pro­duced an as­ton­ish­ingly ac­cur­ate cross which was nicely head­ed ho­me by Man­chester Uni­ted fa­vour­ite Way­ne Roo­ney four min­utes be­fore the sound of the ha­lf-time whistle. The white shirts push­ed hard for a sec­ond goal dur­ing the sec­ond ha­lf of the clash and Chel­sea de­fender Ga­ry Ca­hill came clo­se to scor­ing wi­th a head­er from a Ste­ven Ger­rard cor­ner shortly af­ter the re­sump­tion. Bor­us­sia Dort­mund goal plun­der­er Ro­bert Le­wan­dowski al­most lev­elled the score for The White Eagles af­ter 59 min­utes of ac­tion, but his ef­fort was ef­fi­ciently saved by Man­chester City shot stop­per Joe Hart. Then, wi­th a couple of min­utes re­maining of nor­mal time, Ger­rard stormed in­to the 18-yard area and chipped the ball over Po­land goal­keeper Wo­j­ciech Szczesny and in­to the back of the net to make it 2-0 to the hosts. The ho­me win over Po­land left The Three Li­ons as win­ners of 2014 Wor­ld Cup Qual­i­fic­a­tion Group H, one point ahead of sec­ond pla­ced Ukraine and as many as sev­en points in front of Montenegro in third spot. Eng­land Te­am: Joe Hart, Chris Small­ing, Ga­ry Ca­hill, Leigh­ton Baines, Phil Ja­gielka, Mi­chael Car­rick, Dan­ny Wel­beck, Ste­ven Ger­rard, Way­ne Roo­ney, Dan­iel Stur­ridge, An­dros Town­send. Sub­stitutes: Kier­an Gibbs, Phil Jones, Ja­mes Mil­ner, Ross Barkley, Frank Lam­pard, Ra­heem Ster­ling, Rick­ie Lam­bert, Jack Wil­shere, Jer­main De­foe, Fraser For­ster, John Rud­dy. Po­land Te­am: Wo­j­ciech Szczesny, Pio­tr Cele­ban, Kamil Glik, Ar­tur Jedrze­jczyk, Grzegorz Wo­jtkowiak, Grzegorz Kry­chow­iak, Jak­ub Błaszczykowski, Mari­usz Le­wan­dowski, Ad­ri­an Mierze­jew­ski, Wal­de­mar So­bota, Ro­bert Le­wan­dowski. Sub­stitutes: To­masz Jod­lowiec, Jak­ub Rzezn­iczak, Mar­cin Wasilewski, Jak­ub Wawrzyniak, Mateusz Klich, Eu­gen Po­lanski, Sla­womir Peszko, Pio­tr Ziel­in­ski, Ar­tur Sobiech, Ar­tur Boruc, Lukasz Fabianski.


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