South Korea 2 Greece 0

Ji-Sung Park

So­uth Korea 2 Greece 0, Nel­son Man­dela Bay Sta­dium, FIFA Wor­ld Cup Group Sta­ge, June 12, 2010. Man­chester Uni­ted mid­fielder Ji-Sung Park skippered So­uth Korea to an im­port­ant 2-0 tri­umph ag­ainst Greece. Jung-Soo Lee han­ded the So­uth Koreans an early lead af­ter on­ly sev­en min­utes be­fore Park re­gistered the sec­ond goal of the day in the 52nd minute.

Dur­ing the clos­ing weeks of the 2004-05 sea­son, Man­chester Uni­ted man­ager Sir Al­ex Fer­guson had iden­ti­fied Ji-Sung Park as a per­former who would flour­ish once he had come to terms wi­th the rigours of Brit­ish foot­ball, and he sub­sequently sig­ned the mid­field play­maker for an es­tim­ated trans­fer fee of £4 mil­lion from Dutch Ere­divis­ie si­de PSV Eind­hoven on the 8th of Ju­ly 2005. At the Nel­son Man­dela Bay Sta­dium, Kashi­ma Antlers de­fender Jung-Soo Lee net­ted the open­ing goal for So­uth Korea wi­th a clo­se-ran­ge vol­ley in the sev­enth min­ute of the clash be­fore Park pro­ceeded to score the sec­ond sev­en min­utes af­ter the re­sump­tion when the Man­chester Uni­ted play­er slipped the ball un­der ad­van­cing Panath­inaikos and Greece shot stop­per Al­ex­an­dros Tzor­vas and in­to the back of the net. And as the 2004 Euro­pean Cham­pi­ons fou­nd them­selves un­able to find their way back in­to the battle, the tal­en­ted So­uth Korean si­de went on to win their open­ing fix­ture in a truly con­vin­cing style. So­uth Korea Te­am: Sung-Ry­ong Jung, Jung-Soo Lee, Yong-Hy­ung Cho, Young-Pyo Lee, Ji-Sung Park, Jung-Woo Kim, Sung-Yueng Ki, Chung-Yong Lee, Chu-Young Park, Du-Ri Cha, Ki-Hun Yeom. Sub­stitutes: Woon-Jae Lee, Young-Kwang Kim, Dong-Jin Kim, Hy­ung-Il Kim, Min-Soo Kang, Seung-Yeul Lee, Beom-Seok Oh, Bo-Ky­ung Kim, Jae-Sung Kim, Nam-Il Kim, Jung-Hwan Ahn. Greece Te­am: Al­ex­an­dros Tzor­vas, Av­raam Papado­poulos, Gior­gos Seit­ar­id­is, Vassil­is Tor­osid­is, Loukas Vyn­tra, Gior­gios Kar­ag­ounis, Kon­stanti­nos Kat­sour­anis, Al­ex­an­dros Tzi­ol­is, An­gelos Char­isteas, Theo­fanis Ge­kas, Geor­gios Samaras. Sub­stitutes: Kos­tas Chalki­as, Michal­is Si­fa­kis, Sot­iris Kyr­giakos, Stelios Malezas, Van­gel­is Mor­as, Chris­tos Pat­satzo­glou, Nikolaos Spyro­poulos, Thanas­sis Prit­tas, Sotiri­os Ninis, Pan­tel­is Ka­petanos, Di­mitri­os Salpingidis.


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