Manchester Utd 4 Reading 0

Marcus Rashford

Man­chester U 4 Read­ing 0, Old Traf­ford, Eng­lish FA Cup Third Ro­und, Jan­uary 7, 2017. Man­chester Uni­ted had no prob­lems ag­ainst Cham­pi­on­ship te­am Read­ing at Old Traf­ford. The FA Cup hold­ers were 2-0 up at the break thanks to goals by Way­ne Roo­ney and An­thony Mar­tial, whi­le Mar­cus Rash­ford hit two more in the sec­ond pe­riod to make it 4-0.

Man­chester Uni­ted had de­feated Read­ing by a 1-0 mar­gin at Old Traf­ford thanks to a goal from Way­ne Roo­ney af­ter 21 min­utes in their pre­vi­ous meet­ing in the Pre­mier Lea­gue on the 16th of Mar­ch 2013. On this oc­ca­sion, The Reds were two goals ahead with­in the fir­st quart­er and Jose Mourinho´s men were nev­er threat­ened in the mat­ch. Way­ne Roo­ney han­ded Man­chester Uni­ted an early 1-0 lead when the vet­er­an marks­man sco­red wi­th a clo­se ran­ge ef­fort in the sev­enth min­ute of the clash be­fore for­mer Olym­pique Ly­o­n­nais and Monaco fa­vour­ite An­thony Mar­tial ad­ded a sec­ond goal as he hit a well pla­ced low shot from in­side the pen­alty area af­ter fif­teen min­utes of ac­tion. In the sec­ond ha­lf, Eng­land in­ter­na­tion­al Mar­cus Rash­ford made it 3-0 to Man­chester Uni­ted wi­th a fine fin­ish on 75 min­utes and the same play­er re­gistered the fourth goal of the FA Cup Third Ro­und fix­ture af­ter a dread­ful mis­take from Read­ing net­mind­er Ali Al Hab­si on­ly four min­utes la­ter. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Ser­gio Rom­ero, Mar­cos Rojo, Chris Small­ing, Da­ley Bli­nd, Ju­an Ma­ta, Mi­chael Car­rick, Mar­ou­ane Fel­laini, Ash­ley Young, An­thony Mar­tial, Mar­cus Rash­ford, Way­ne Roo­ney. Sub­stitutes: Phil Jones, Tim Fosu-Mensah, Hen­rikh Mkhitary­an, Paul Po­gba, Basti­an Sch­wein­steiger, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Joel Pe­reira. Read­ing Te­am: Ali Al Hab­si, Tyler Black­ett, Chris Gun­ter, Liam Moore, Ge­orge Evans, Liam Kel­ly, Dan­ny Wil­li­ams, Joey van den Berg, Roy Beer­ens, Gar­ath Mc­Cle­ary, Yann Ker­mor­g­ant. Sub­stitutes: Domin­ic Samuel, Ten­nai Wat­son, Jake Cooper, John Swift, Jor­dan Ob­ita, Yakou Meite, Stu­art Moore.


Manchester United Quickfacts

Man­chester Uni­ted be­at Read­ing 4-3 away in the Pre­miership on the 1st of Dec­ember 2012 thanks to a brace by Way­ne Roo­ney and one goal each from Oli­veira An­der­son and Robin van Persie.


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