Man United 1 Newcastle 0

Brian Greenhoff, Sammy McIlroy, And Martin Buchan

Man­chester Uni­ted 1 New­castle Uni­ted 0, Old Traf­ford, Eng­lish Foot­ball Lea­gue Fir­st Di­vi­sion, Nov­ember 29, 1975. Scot­land in­ter­na­tion­al Mar­tin Bu­chan led Man­chester Uni­ted to their fourth con­sec­ut­ive ho­me win as The Reds be­at New­castle Uni­ted 1-0 be­fore an at­tend­ance of 52,000 at Old Trafford.

In their pre­vi­ous three ho­me ga­mes, Man­chester Uni­ted had beaten Ar­senal, Nor­wich City, and As­ton Vil­la and were ex­pec­ted by most to walk off the pitch wi­th a vic­tory ag­ainst The Mag­pies. Man­chester Uni­ted dic­tated pro­ceed­ings from the be­gin­ning, but the ho­me si­de failed to find the net be­fore the in­ter­val. Fol­low­ing the re­start of play, Tom­my Docherty´s boys fi­nally ma­naged to break the de­fens­ive dead­lock when Re­pub­lic of Ire­land mid­fielder Ger­ry Da­ly weighed in wi­th an ef­fort eight min­utes pa­st the hour ma­rk, and wi­th no more goals sco­red by the end of the 90 min­utes, the mat­ch ended 1-0 in fa­vour of the hosts. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Al­ex Step­ney, Jim­my Nich­oll, Stew­art Hou­s­ton, Bri­an Green­hoff, Mar­tin Bu­chan, Ger­ry Da­ly, Ste­ve Cop­pell, Sam­my Mc­Ilroy, Stu­art Pear­son, Lou Ma­cari, Gor­don Hill. Sub­sti­tu­tute: Da­vid Mc­Creery. New­castle Uni­ted Te­am: Mick Ma­honey, Irving Nat­trass, Alan Ken­nedy, Da­vid Craig, Pat How­ard, Tom­my Craig, Ge­off Nulty, Alan Gowl­ing, Mal­colm Mac­don­ald, Micky Burns, Stew­art Bar­row­clough. Sub­sti­tute: John Tudor.


Manchester United Quickfacts

De­fend­ing Fir­st Di­vi­sion Cham­pi­ons Man­chester Uni­ted edged out New­castle Uni­ted 1-0 in front of a 40,000 crowd at Bank Street on Box­ing Day 1908 thro­ugh a goal from for­ward Har­old Halse.


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