Manchester U 2 Burnley 2

Victor Lindelof

Man­chester Uni­ted 2 Burn­ley 2, Old Traf­ford, Eng­lish Pre­mier Lea­gue, Jan­uary 29, 2019. Man­chester Uni­ted came from be­ing two goals down to snatch a 2-2 draw ag­ainst Burn­ley at ho­me. Ash­ley Bar­nes and Chris Wood sco­red for The Clarets in the 51st and 81st min­utes re­spect­ively, but late goals from Paul Po­gba and Vic­tor Lin­delof saw Uni­ted res­cue a point. 

Man­chester United´s win­ning streak of eight ga­mes came to an end as they were held to a draw by a de­term­ined and well-struc­tured Burn­ley si­de. In fact, Uni­ted were on­ly a few sec­onds sec­onds away from los­ing to the Turf Moor club at their Old Traf­ford ho­me. The Lan­castri­ans went in­to a 2-0 lead by the 81st min­ute thanks to Ash­ley Bar­nes and Chris Wood, but Man­chester Uni­ted answered back wi­th goals from Paul Po­gba and Vic­tor Lin­delof in the clos­ing sta­ges. Uni­ted had de­feated Car­diff City, Hud­dersfield To­wn, Bourne­mouth, New­castle Uni­ted, Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur, and Brighton and Hove Al­bion in their pre­vi­ous six Pre­mier Lea­gue mat­ches, where­as Burn­ley had over­come West Ham Uni­ted, Hud­dersfield To­wn, and Ful­ham, drawn ag­ainst Wat­ford, and be­en de­feated by Ar­senal and Ever­ton in their last six Pre­miership fix­tures. Man­chester Uni­ted ap­peared to be some­what over­con­fid­ent fol­low­ing their re­cent good res­ults, tho­ugh, and there was un­doubtedly a cer­tain ele­ment of un­der­es­tim­at­ing the op­pon­ent. Uni­ted en­joyed long peri­ods of pos­ses­sion and pres­sure in the fir­st ha­lf of the clash, but the hosts struggled to cre­ate de­cent scor­ing op­por­tun­it­ies. Af­ter the in­ter­val, and ag­ainst the flow of play, Burn­ley ev­entually grabbed a sur­prise lead six min­utes in­to the sec­ond ha­lf when Bar­nes took full ad­vant­age from a mis­take by ex-PSV Eind­hoven mid­fielder An­dreas Pe­reira be­fore ham­mer­ing the ball in­to the net and the vis­it­ors, who now smelled blood, went fur­ther in front wi­th nine min­utes left as Wood be­at Uni­ted goal­keeper Da­vid de Gea wi­th a well-pla­ced head­er from a Ash­ley West­wood cross. But Man­chester Uni­ted re­fused to give up and were duly re­war­ded when Po­gba re­duced the de­fi­cit wi­th a con­ver­ted pen­alty in the 87th min­ute of the tussle be­fore Lin­delof net­ted a clo­se ran­ge equal­iser dur­ing stop­page time.

A hard-work­ing and strong-run­ning de­fender, Vic­tor Lin­delof had joi­ned Man­chester Uni­ted from Por­tuguese gi­ants Ben­fica for a trans­fer fee of €35 mil­lion at the be­gin­ning of the 2017-18 cam­paign, wi­th a po­ten­tial €10 mil­lion in add-ons, and the Swede would go on to make 40 fir­st te­am out­ings for the club dur­ing the 2018-19 cam­paign, bring­ing his total ap­pear­ances in all com­pet­i­tions to 69. Ole Gun­nar Sol­skjaer: “We star­ted the mat­ch al­most feel­ing like the eight pre­vi­ous ga­mes meant we could start the ga­me wi­th a 1-0 lead, but it does­n’t hap­pen like this. We have to earn the right to win the mat­ch by hav­ing a good start. They made it dif­fi­cult for us, but then ag­ain we had a great come­back.” Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Da­vid de Gea, Lu­ke Shaw, Phil Jones, Vic­tor Lin­delof, Ash­ley Young, Paul Po­gba, Ju­an Ma­ta, An­dreas Pe­reira, Ro­melu Lu­kaku, Mar­cus Rash­ford. Ne­manja Mat­ic. Sub­stitutes: Jesse Lin­gard, Alex­is San­chez, Chris Small­ing, Dio­go Dalot, Fred, An­der Her­rera, Ser­gio Rom­ero. Burn­ley Te­am: Tom Hea­ton, Char­lie Tay­lor, Ja­mes Tarkowski, Ben Mee, Phil Bard­s­ley, Ash­ley West­wood, Jack Cork, Jeff Hendrick, Ash­ley Bar­nes, Chris Wood, Dwight McNeil. Sub­stitutes: Josh Ben­son, Jo­hann Gud­mundsson, Steph­en Wa­rd, Matej Vy­dra, Ben Gib­son, Sam Vokes, Joe Hart.


Manchester United Quickfacts

Man­chester Uni­ted, then known as New­ton Heath, were held to a 1-1 draw ag­ainst loc­al rivals Burn­ley in a Lea­gue Di­vi­sion One fix­ture at North Road in Clay­ton on the 10th of Septem­ber 1892.


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