Manchester U 4 Norwich 0

Marcus Rashford

Man­chester Uni­ted 4 Nor­wich City 0, Old Traf­ford, Eng­lish Pre­mier Lea­gue, Jan­uary 11, 2020. Man­chester Uni­ted came back from a 2-0 away de­feat to Ar­senal in their pre­vi­ous Pre­miership ga­me wi­th a 4-0 vic­tory ag­ainst Nor­wich City at ho­me. Mar­cus Rash­ford sco­red a brace, in­clud­ing a pen­alty-kick, whi­le An­thony Mar­tial and Ma­son Green­wood hit a goal each. 

Man­chester Uni­ted dom­in­ated from the out­set and got them­selves ahead when Ju­an Ma­ta de­livered a su­perb ball to Mar­cus Rash­ford who be­at Nor­wich City goal­keeper Tim Krul from clo­se ran­ge in the 27th min­ute. The ho­me out­fit car­ried on at­tack­ing in the sec­ond ha­lf and Rash­ford net­ted a sec­ond goal for the hosts from the pen­alty spot sev­en min­utes af­ter the re­start be­fore An­thony Mar­tial ad­ded a third two min­utes la­ter. And as the ga­me sped on sub­sti­tute Ma­son Green­wood sco­red the fourth goal of the day wi­th four­teen min­utes left on the referee´s watch. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Da­vid de Gea, Vic­tor Lin­delof, Aar­on Wan-Bis­saka, Harry Ma­guire, Brandon Wil­li­ams, Ma­ta, An­dreas Pe­reira, Fred, An­thony Mar­tial, Mar­cus Rash­ford, Ne­manja Mat­ic. Sub­stitutes: Dan­iel Ja­mes, An­gel Go­mes, Ma­son Green­wood, Dio­go Dalot, Lu­ke Shaw, Phil Jones, Lee Grant. Nor­wich City Te­am: Tim Krul, Max Aarons, Sam Byram, Grant Han­ley, Chris­toph Zi­m­mer­mann, Mario Vrancic, Todd Can­t­well, Emi, Ken­ny McLean, Al­ex­an­der Tettey, Ad­am Idah. Sub­stitutes: Onel Her­nandez, Jamal Lewis, Ibrahim Amadou, Mor­itz Leit­ner, Marco Stieper­mann, Tom Try­bull, Ralf Fahrmann.


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