Manchester Utd 4 Wolves 0

George Best

Man­chester Uni­ted 4 Wolver­hampton Wan­derers 0, Old Traf­ford, Eng­lish Foot­ball Lea­gue Fir­st Di­vi­sion, Dec­ember 26, 1967. De­fend­ing Foot­ball Lea­gue Cham­pi­ons Man­chester Uni­ted out­classed re­cently pro­moted Wol­ves by a 4-0 at Old Traf­ford on Box­ing Day 1967 thanks to a fir­st ha­lf brace from Ge­orge Best and a goal each by Bri­an Kidd and Bob­by Charlton. 

Man­chester Uni­ted entered the mat­ch on the back of a 2-2 draw wi­th Lei­cester City at Fil­bert Street, where­as Wolver­hampton had suf­fered a 2-1 de­feat at the hands of Leeds Uni­ted at El­land Ro­und in their pre­vi­ous fix­ture. Ge­orge Best opened the scor­ing for The Reds when the pro­lif­ic play­er be­at Wan­derers goal­keeper Evan Wil­li­ams in the tenth min­ute of the en­counter. Bri­an Kidd then ad­ded a sec­ond goal for the hosts on the ha­lf-hour ma­rk be­fore Best com­pleted his double three min­utes ahead of the ha­lf-time break. Man­chester Uni­ted kept up their at­tack­ing pres­sure in the sec­ond ha­lf and the ramp­ant ho­me si­de had their fourth and fi­nal goal of the ga­me thro­ugh Bob­by Charl­ton who fou­nd the back of the net in the 50th min­ute of the clash. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Al­ex Step­ney, To­ny Dun­ne, Fran­cis Burns, Bill Foulk­es, Da­vid Sad­ler, Pad­dy Cre­rand, Bob­by Charl­ton, Bri­an Kidd, John As­ton, De­nis Law, Ge­orge Best. Sub­stitutes: No­ne. Wolver­hampton Wan­derers Te­am: Evan Wil­li­ams, John Hols­grove, Gra­ham Hawkins, Ger­ry Tay­lor, Bob­by Thom­son, Da­vid Burn­side, Les Wil­son, Mi­ke Bai­ley, Pe­ter Knowles, Alun Evans, Dave Wag­staffe. Sub­stitutes: None.


Manchester United Quickfacts

Man­chester Uni­ted, then called New­ton Heath, out­classed Wolver­hampton Wan­derers 10-1 in a Fir­st Di­vi­sion fix­ture wit­nessed by 4,000 spec­tat­ors at North Road on the 15th of Oct­ober 1892.


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