Manchester United 5 Stoke 0

Cristiano Ronaldo

Man­chester Uni­ted 5 Sto­ke City 0, Old Traf­ford, Eng­lish Pre­mier Lea­gue, Nov­ember 15, 2008. High fly­ing Man­chester Uni­ted gave Sto­ke City a re­al les­son in how to play foot­ball by trash­ing The Pot­ters 5–0 at Old Traf­ford. Uni­ted were two goals in front be­fore the in­ter­val and sco­red three more fol­low­ing the re­sump­tion to earn them­selves a mem­or­able win. 

Por­tugal in­ter­na­tion­al Cris­ti­ano Ron­aldo pro­duced a dev­ast­at­ing double, wi­th Di­m­it­ar Ber­batov, Mi­chael Car­rick and Dan­ny Wel­beck scor­ing one goal each as The Man­cuni­ans be­at To­ny Pulis´s Sto­ke si­de by a 5-0 score at ho­me. Man­chester Uni­ted took an early lead af­ter three min­utes of ac­tion as Ron­aldo power­ed an as­ton­ish­ing free-kick from some twenty-five yards pa­st the Sto­ke goal­keeper and in­to the net to re­cord his 100th goal for The Reds. Shortly be­fore the break, the free flow­ing fron­trun­ner passed the ball to Eng­land mid­fielder Mi­chael Car­rick who ham­mered ho­me from over fif­teen yards out to give the Old Traf­ford si­de a com­fort­able and fully de­served 2-0 ha­lf-time lead. And a mere four min­utes af­ter the break, Sir Al­ex Ferguson´s Cham­pi­on­ship chasers stret­ched the ad­vant­age fur­ther when ex-Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur ace Di­m­it­ar Ber­batov ma­naged to vol­ley the ball in­to the back of the net. Then, wi­th six min­utes re­maining of the ga­me, Dan­ny Wel­beck notched up the fourth goal of the day wi­th a stun­ning shot be­fore Cris­ti­ano Ron­aldo com­pleted his double wi­th an­oth­er amaz­ing free-kick on 89 min­utes to make the fi­nal score read 5-0 in fa­vour of the hosts. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Ed­win van der Sar, John O’Shea, Pat­rice Ev­ra, Mi­chael Car­rick, Jon­athan Evans, Ne­manja Vid­ic, Ji-Sung Park, Dar­ren Fletch­er, Car­los Tev­ez, Di­m­it­ar Ber­batov, Cris­ti­ano Ron­aldo. Sub­stitutes: Ra­fael da Silva, Oli­veira An­der­son, Dar­ron Gib­son, Lu­is Nani, Ma­nucho Gon­calves, Dan­ny Wel­beck, Ben Foster.


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