Manchester U 4 Ipswich 0

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Man­chester Uni­ted 4 Ips­wich To­wn 0, Old Traf­ford, Eng­lish Pre­mier Lea­gue, Septem­ber 22, 2001. Man­chester Uni­ted over­whelmed Ips­wich To­wn 4-0 at ho­me cour­tesy of a brace by Ole Gun­nar Sol­skjaer and one goal each from Ronny John­sen and Andy Cole. Af­ter de­feat­ing The Blues, Uni­ted were now fourth in the ta­ble wi­th el­ev­en points from six games.

The Reds entered the fix­ture on the back of a nar­row 4-3 de­feat ag­ainst New­castle Uni­ted at St Ja­mes´ Park, whi­le The Tract­or Boys had be­en held to a 1-1 draw by Black­burn Rov­ers at Port­man Road. Nor­we­gi­an in­ter­na­tion­al Ronny John­sen gave Man­chester Uni­ted the up­per hand in the 13th min­ute of the clash as the ver­sat­ile de­fender head­ed ho­me a su­perbly de­livered cross from fel­low coun­try­man Ole Gun­nar Sol­skjaer. The pro­vider turned goalscorer as Sol­skjaer ad­ded a sec­ond goal for Uni­ted sev­en min­utes la­ter af­ter Ips­wich net­mind­er Mat­teo Sereni had failed to hold a shot from strik­ing part­ner Andy Cole. The Old Traf­ford play­ers shouted for a pen­alty shortly be­fore the ha­lf-time break af­ter an al­leged foul by Port­man Road de­fender Chris Makin on Ole Gun­nar Sol­skjaer in­side the eight­een-yard area, but ref­er­ee Neale Bar­ry waved play on. As the sec­ond pe­riod wore on, Sir Al­ex Fer­guson made two sub­sti­tu­tions wi­th Paul Scho­les and Ju­an Se­basti­an Ver­on com­ing on for Lu­ke Chad­wick and Roy Ke­ane, whi­le Ips­wich boss Ge­orge Bur­ley re­placed Chris Makin, Fin­idi Ge­orge, and Fa­bi­an Wil­nis wi­th Jam­ie Clapham, Mar­tijn Re­user, and Jer­maine Wright. Dur­ing the clos­ing sta­ges of the en­counter, Andy Cole sco­red the third goal of the day in the 89th min­ute be­fore Sol­skjaer com­pleted his double wi­th just a few sec­onds re­maining of nor­mal time. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Fa­bi­en Bar­thez, Phil Ne­ville, Mi­kael Sil­vestre, Ronny John­sen, Da­vid May, Nicky Butt, Lu­ke Chad­wick, Quin­ton For­tune, An­drew Cole, Ole Gun­nar Sol­skjaer. Sub­stitutes: Paul Scho­les, Ju­an Se­basti­an Ver­on, Ga­ry Ne­ville, Ruud van Nistel­rooy, Roy Car­roll. Ips­wich To­wn Te­am: Mat­teo Sereni, Chris Makin, John Mc­Greal, Tit­us Bramble, Fa­bi­an Wil­nis, Her­mann Hreidarsson, Matt Hol­land, Jim Ma­gilton, Fin­idi Ge­orge, Alun Arm­strong, Mar­cus Stew­art. Sub­stitutes: Jam­ie Clapham, Mar­tijn Re­user, Jer­maine Wright, Rich­ard Naylor, Keith Branagan.


Manchester United Quickfacts

Wilf McGuinness´s Man­chester Uni­ted edged out Ips­wich To­wn 2-1 in a Fir­st Di­vi­sion fix­ture at Old Traf­ford on the 11th of Oct­ober 1969. Ge­orge Best gave Uni­ted an early lead in the sec­ond min­ute, on­ly for Mick Mills to level the score for the East Anglia club af­ter fif­teen min­utes. But as the clock turned over to the 32nd min­ute, Bri­an Kidd fou­nd the back of the net to hand Man­chester Uni­ted the victory.


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