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Mi­chael Paul Mar­tin, born Dub­lin, Re­pub­lic of Ire­land, Ju­ly 9, 1951. Mick Mar­tin began his foot­ball ca­reer as a school­boy play­er wi­th loc­al te­am Ho­me Farm. In the sum­mer of 1968, the mid­fielder joi­ned Bo­hemi­ans where he spent al­most five sea­sons be­fore he was spot­ted by Man­chester Uni­ted boss Tom­my Doc­herty mid­way thro­ugh the 1972-73 season.

Greatly im­pressed, Tom­my Doc­herty splashed out a fee of £25,000 to bring Mick Mar­tin to Man­chester Uni­ted where he made his Fir­st Di­vi­sion de­but in a goal­less draw wi­th Ever­ton at Old Traf­ford on the 24th of Jan­uary 1973. Des­pite of the fact that Uni­ted were strug­gling to avoid re­leg­a­tion to the Sec­ond Di­vi­sion, his ded­ic­ated ap­proach bo­th on and off the foot­ball field was much ap­pre­ci­ated by the ho­me fans. The ag­gress­ive mid­field work­horse ma­naged to keep his place in the fir­st te­am at Man­chester Uni­ted dur­ing the hor­ren­dus 1973-74 cam­paign, but he ap­peared in on­ly nine ga­mes for The Reds the fol­low­ing sea­son as Docherty´s si­de gain­ed pro­mo­tion back to the Fir­st Di­vi­sion. Wi­th new and young­er play­ers be­ing bro­ught in, how­ever, the in­tens­ity of com­pet­i­tion in­creased, and Mar­tin was ev­entually loaned out to Sec­ond Di­vi­sion club West Brom­wich Al­bion be­fore the move be­came per­man­ent in Dec­ember 1975. The Ir­ish­man la­ter went on to have a no­mad­ic life, ap­pear­ing for New­castle Uni­ted, Van­couver White­caps, Wil­l­ing­ton Ath­let­ic, Car­diff City, Pe­ter­bor­ough Uni­ted, Roth­er­ham Uni­ted, and fi­nally Pre­ston North End. A ti­ger in the middle of the park, Mar­tin made his fir­st full ap­pear­ance for the Re­pub­lic of Ire­land in a heavy 6-0 de­feat ag­ainst Aus­tria in front of a 15,000 crowd at Sta­di­on der Stadt Linz on the 10th of Oct­ober 1971, and al­though he was sent off twice in his in­ter­na­tion­al ca­reer he still ma­naged to col­lect an im­press­ive 52 caps for his home­land. Mick Mar­tin Play­ing Ca­reer: Bo­hemi­ans, Man­chester Uni­ted, West Brom­wich Al­bion, New­castle Uni­ted, Van­couver White­caps, Wil­l­ing­ton, Car­diff City, Pe­ter­bor­ough Uni­ted, Roth­er­ham Uni­ted, Pre­ston North End. Man­aging Ca­reer: None.


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