Newton Heath 5 Liverpool 2

New­ton Heath had lost 7-1 ag­ainst Liver­pool at An­field on­ly three weeks earli­er wi­th their con­sol­a­tion goal com­ing from Joe Cas­sidy. And al­though the Liv­er­pudli­ans were mis­sing the in­jured Wil­li­am Dun­lop and John Holmes for the re­turn fix­ture at Bank Street, the vis­it­ing te­am were 2-0 up with­in the fir­st ten min­utes thanks to ef­forts from Frank Bec­ton and Jim­my Ross. But the Man­chester club batt­led back as two goals from Jack Peters and one by John Clar­kin saw the hosts lead­ing 3-2 at the in­ter­val. Fol­low­ing the re­start, New­ton Heath ex­ten­ded their ad­vant­age when Dick Smith con­ver­ted a pass from Cas­sidy on the hour ma­rk be­fore Peters com­pleted his tre­ble la­ter in the sec­ond pe­riod to make the fi­nal sco­reline 5-2 in fa­vour of the ho­me si­de. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Hugh Douglas, John Mac­di­ar­mid Dow, Fred Er­entz, Ja­mes Mc­Naught, Da­vid Fitz­sim­mons, Wal­ter Cart­wright, John Clar­kin, Wil­li­am Ken­nedy, Joe Cas­sidy, Dick Smith, Ja­mes Peters. Sub­stitutes: No­ne. Liver­pool Te­am: John White­head, Arch­ie Gol­die, Tom Wilkie, Bill Keech, Joe McQue, Matt Mc­Queen, Da­vid Han­nah, Jim­my Ross, Fred Geary, Frank Bec­ton, Harry Brad­shaw. Sub­stitutes: None.

Joe Cassidy Quickfacts

Joe Cas­sidy, who was in his sec­ond spell wi­th New­ton Heath, fin­ished the 1895-96 sea­son as the club´s top scor­er wi­th an im­press­ive six­teen goals dur­ing nine­teen Sec­ond Di­vi­sion appearances. 


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