Colombia 3 Kuwait 1

Radamel Falcao

Colom­bia 3 Kuwait 1, Mo­hammed bin Za­yed Sta­dium, In­ter­na­tion­al Friendly Mat­ch, Mar­ch 30, 2015. Man­chester United´s Ra­damel Fal­cao net­ted his twenty-fourth goal for Colom­bia wi­th a pen­alty-kick in the 74th min­ute of the 3–1 win over Kuwait at Za­yed Sports City Sta­dium in Abu Dh­abi, equalling a re­cord held for twenty-four years by Arnoldo Iguaran.

Toulouse mid­fielder Abel Aguilar gave Colom­bia the lead on twenty-two min­utes, on­ly for Mu­saed Al Enazi to level the score for Kuwait in the 45th min­ute of the fix­ture. In the sec­ond ha­lf, Monterrey´s Ed­win Car­dona made it 2-1 to Colom­bia eight min­utes pa­st the hour ma­rk be­fore Man­chester Uni­ted for­ward Ra­damel Fal­cao ad­ded a third goal for the So­uth Amer­ic­ans when he be­at Kuwait shot stop­per Hameed Al Qal­laf from the pen­alty spot wi­th six­teen min­utes left. Colom­bia Te­am: Da­vid Ospina, Dar­win An­drade, Dan­iel Bocanegra, Pedro Franco, Abel Aguilar, Ju­an Cuad­rado, Fredy Guar­in, Ju­an Quin­tero, Car­los San­chez, Car­los Bacca, Ra­damel Fal­cao. Sub­stitutes: Cam­i­lo Var­gas, Pablo Armero, Stefan Med­ina, Jo­han Mojica, Jeis­on Mur­illo, Ed­win Car­dona, Wil­mar Bar­rios, Al­ex­an­der Mejia, Ra­fael Borre, Teo­filo Gu­ti­er­rez, Ad­ri­an Ramos. Kuwait Te­am: Hameed Al Qal­laf, Mu­saed Al Enazi, Ab­dulrah­man Al En­ezi, Ali Maq­seed, Fa­had Awadh Shaheen Shehan, Fa­had Al An­sari, Ab­dul­lah Al Buraiki, Fais­al Al En­ezi, Fa­had Al Hajeri, Saleh Al Sheikh, Bader Al Mot­awaa. Sub­stitutes: Su­lai­man Ab­dulgha­foor, Khaled Al Rashidi, Talal Al Fad­hel, Mo­hammad Freih, Ghazi Al Qa­hadi, Khaled El Eb­rahim, Ab­del Aziz Al En­ezi, Fais­al Za­yed, Khaled Ajab, Fa­had Al Rashidi, Nas­s­er Faraj.


Radamel Falcao Quickfacts

Ra­damel Fal­cao sco­red his fir­st goal for Colom­bia in a 1-0 win over Montenegro at the Mat­sumoto Foot­ball Sta­dium in the Kir­in Cup on the 2nd of June 2007, and fol­lowed up by net­ting his sec­ond in a 2-2 friendly draw to Peru at Es­ta­dio Mo­nu­ment­al in Lima on the 9th of Septem­ber the same year. 


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