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Robin Van Persie

Robin van Per­sie, born Rot­ter­dam, Neth­er­lands, Au­gust 6, 1983. Robin van Per­sie star­ted out at Rot­ter­dam club Ex­cel­si­or be­fore he ev­entually made his break­through wi­th neigh­bouring Fey­enoord. The for­ward was then bro­ught to the Eng­lish Pre­mier Lea­gue by Ar­senal man­ager Ar­sene Wenger for a fee of £2.75 mil­lion at the start of the 2004-05 campaign.

Af­ter amass­ing 96 goals in 194 Pre­mier Lea­gue ap­pear­ances for The Gun­ners, Robin van Per­sie was bought by Man­chester Uni­ted for an ini­tial £22.5 mil­lion in the sum­mer of 2012. The goal scor­er par ex­cel­lence was giv­en a four-year con­tract worth an as­tro­nom­ic­al £250,000 per week, and was han­ded his com­pet­it­ive de­but for The Red Dev­ils when he entered the field as a sec­ond pe­riod re­place­ment for his fel­low front­man Dan­ny Wel­beck in a nar­row 1–0 de­feat ag­ainst Da­vid Moyes´s Ever­ton at Good­ison Park on the open­ing day of the 2012–13 sea­son. The Dutch­man qui­ckly settled down at Man­chester Uni­ted, and the for­mer Emir­ates Sta­dium fa­vour­ite ma­naged to es­tab­lish a some­what tele­path­ic un­der­stand­ing wi­th his strik­ing part­ner Way­ne Roo­ney which ap­peared to be­wilder most op­pos­ing de­fences ar­ound the Pre­mier Lea­gue. Fol­low­ing 48 Pre­miership goals in 86 ga­mes for Uni­ted, he joi­ned Turk­ish Su­per Lea­gue si­de Fen­erbache for a trans­fer fee of ar­ound £3.84 mil­lion in the sum­mer of 2015. Also a reg­u­lar for the Neth­er­lands, Van Per­sie had his full in­ter­na­tion­al bap­tism in a 2–0 Wor­ld Cup Qual­i­fy­ing vic­tory ag­ainst Ro­mania at Fey­enoord Sta­dium in Rot­ter­dam on the 4th of June 2005 and the trig­ger happy sharp­shoot­er went on to re­cord his fir­st goal for the coun­try of his bir­th in a 4–0 Wor­ld Cup Qual­i­fy­ing win over Fin­land at Hel­sinki Olympic Sta­dium just four days la­ter. Robin van Per­sie also rep­res­en­ted Hol­land at Un­der-17, Un­der-19, and Un­der-21 levels. Robin van Per­sie Play­ing Ca­reer: Ex­cel­si­or, Fey­enoord, Ar­senal, Man­chester Uni­ted, Fen­er­bahce, Fey­enoord. Man­aging Ca­reer: None.


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