Soton 2 Manchester Utd 3

Sir Alex Ferguson

South­ampton 2 Man­chester Uni­ted 3, St Mary´s Sta­dium, Eng­lish Pre­mier Lea­gue, Septem­ber 2, 2012. Robin van Per­sie saved the day for Man­chester Uni­ted by prov­ing that he still knew how to find the net. The Dutch­man sco­red a bril­liant tre­ble as Sir Al­ex Ferguson´s te­am nar­rowly edged out Pre­mier Lea­gue new­comers South­ampton 3-2 at St Mary´s.

Once ag­ain, Robin van Per­sie caught the eye wi­th an ex­cel­lent goal scor­ing per­form­ance. Rick­ie Lam­bert gave Nigel Adkins´s South­ampton troops the lead af­ter eight­een min­utes of ac­tion, on­ly for Van the Man to equal­ise for Man­chester Uni­ted in the twenty-third min­ute of the con­test. The Saints re­gained their ad­vant­age thro­ugh a head­er from Mor­gan Schneider­lin ten min­utes in­to the sec­ond ha­lf, but Van Per­sie ma­naged to turn the ga­me ag­ainst re­cently pro­moted South­ampton ar­ound by re­gis­ter­ing two late goals with­in five min­utes to se­cure a fully de­served 3-2 win for Uni­ted ag­ainst the So­uth Coast­ers at St Mary´s in what was Sir Al­ex Fer­guson’s 1000th Lea­gue mat­ch as head coach of the Old Traf­ford club. Dur­ing his eight years wi­th Ar­senal, Robin van Per­sie had notched up an as­ton­ish­ing 96 seni­or goals from 194 Pre­mier Lea­gue ap­pear­ances for the North Lon­don si­de. A nat­ur­al born marks­man, the high-fly­ing for­ward had now star­ted to re­pay his £22 mil­lion trans­fer fee by plun­der­ing four goals in just two Pre­mier Lea­gue starts for Man­chester Uni­ted. Sir Al­ex Fer­guson: “I think that Robin van Per­sie is what we have need­ed for the last couple of years. He has got ma­tur­ity to his ga­me now, and I think that we will be­ne­fit for the next four years and bey­ond. We need­ed a fin­ished play­er. Paul Scho­les and Ry­an Gig­gs are bo­th com­ing to the end and I need ma­ture top play­ers to re­place the two of them.” South­ampton Te­am: Kelvin Dav­is, Nath­aniel Clyne, Jose Fonte, Jos Hoo­iveld, Dan­ny Fox, Mor­gan Schneider­lin, Ste­ven Dav­is, Ja­son Puncheon, Ja­mes Wa­rd-Prowse, Ad­am Lal­lana, Rick­ie Lam­bert. Sub­stitutes: Paolo Gazzaniga, Frazer Richard­son, Guly Do Pra­do, Jay Rodrig­uez, Dan­ny Seaborne, Em­manuel May­uka, Tadanari Lee. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: An­ders Linde­gaard, Ra­fael, Rio Fer­dinand, Ne­manja Vid­ic, Pat­rice Ev­ra, Shinji Ka­gawa, Tom Clev­er­ley, Mi­chael Car­rick, Va­lencia, Dan­ny Wel­beck, Robin van Per­sie. Sub­stitutes: Da­vid de Gea, Jon­athan Evans, Ry­an Gig­gs, Nani, Paul Scho­les, Nick Pow­ell, Javi­er Hernandez.


Manchester United Quickfacts

Af­ter a me­diocre start to the 1992-93 cam­paign wi­th one draw and two de­feats from their fir­st three ga­mes, Man­chester gain­ed their fir­st win of the sea­son by de­feat­ing South­ampton by 1-0 at The Dell on the 24th of Au­gust 1992 thro­ugh a goal from Di­on Dub­lin wi­th a min­ute left of nor­mal time. 


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