Shrewsbury 0 Man United 3

Juan Mata

Shrews­bury To­wn 0 Man­chester Uni­ted 3, Green­hous Mea­dow, Eng­lish FA Cup Fifth Ro­und, Feb­ruary 22, 2016. Af­ter knock­ing out Cham­pi­on­ship si­de Der­by Coun­ty in the pre­vi­ous ro­und, Man­chester Uni­ted be­at Lea­gue One Shrews­bury To­wn 3–0 thro­ugh goals by Chris Small­ing, Ju­an Ma­ta, and Jesse Lin­gard to se­cure them­selves a place in the quarter-finals.

Man­chester Uni­ted, who had lif­ted the FA Cup on el­ev­en oc­ca­sions, ex­per­i­enced little dif­fi­culties in de­feat­ing the min­nows of Shrews­bury To­wn in front of a crowd of clo­se to 10,000 spec­tat­ors at Green­hous Mea­dow. The Pre­mier Lea­gue out­fit, who were wear­ing an all-white strip, launched them­selves in­to the lead as Chris Smal­ing be­at for­mer Switzer­land U20 goal­keeper Jayson Leutwiler wi­th an op­por­tun­ist­ic left-foot vol­ley from in­side the pen­alty area in the thirty-sev­enth min­ute of the Emir­ates FA Cup tie and ad­ded to their tally when Ju­an Ma­ta ham­mered ho­me an un­stoppable free-kick two min­utes in­to fir­st-ha­lf stop­page time. Man­chester Uni­ted kept on go­ing for­ward in the sec­ond ha­lf and the vis­it­ing te­am had their third goal of the even­ing as Jesse Lin­gard con­ver­ted a neatly chipped cross from mid­field play­maker An­der Her­rera one min­ute pa­st the hour ma­rk. And al­though Uni­ted were re­duced to ten play­ers wi­th four­teen min­utes re­maining, when Will Ke­ane had to leave the field be­cause of in­jury, the white shir­ted vis­it­ors had no prob­lems in keep­ing Shrews­bury at bay. Fol­low­ing the 3-0 vic­tory ag­ainst the Shrop­shire club, Man­chester Uni­ted were now look­ing for­ward to tak­ing on fel­low Pre­miership te­am West Ham Uni­ted at Old Traf­ford in the FA Cup Quart­er-Fi­nals. Shrews­bury To­wn Te­am: Jayson Leutwiler, Jer­maine Grandis­on, Jack Grim­mer, Zak Whit­bread, Abu Ogogo, Ian Black, Nat Knight-Per­civ­al, Ju­ni­or Bro­wn, Shaun Whal­ley, Jean-Louis Akpa Akpro, Andy Man­gan. Sub­stitutes: Dom Smith, Mat Sad­ler, Lar­nell Cole, El­li­ot Grand­in, Jor­dan Clark, Scott Ver­non, Ma­rk Hal­stead. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Ser­gio Rom­ero, Camer­on Borth­wick-Jack­son, Chris Small­ing, Guillermo Varela, Da­ley Bli­nd, An­der Her­rera, Mor­gan Schneider­lin, Mem­ph­is De­pay, Ju­an Ma­ta, Jesse Lin­gard, An­thony Mar­tial. Sub­stitutes: Regan Poole, Pad­dy McNair, An­dreas Pe­reira, Mi­chael Car­rick, Joe Ri­ley, Will Ke­ane, Dean Henderson.


Manchester United Quickfacts

Man­chester Uni­ted out­classed Shrews­bury To­wn by a 8-1 score in a pre-sea­son friendly at Gay Mea­dow on the 30th of Ju­ly 2000. Ole Gun­nar Sol­skjaer and Quin­ton For­tune bo­th re­gistered a brace for Uni­ted, whi­le Nicky Butt, Teddy Sher­ing­ham, Mi­chael Clegg, and Da­vid Healy all net­ted a goal each. 


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