Milan 2 Manchester United 3

Wayne Rooney

AC Mil­an 2 Man­chester Uni­ted 3, San Siro Sta­dium, UEFA Cham­pi­ons Lea­gue Last Six­teen Fir­st Leg, Feb­ruary 16, 2010. Fol­low­ing a 1-1 Pre­mier Lea­gue draw ag­ainst As­ton Vil­la at Vil­la Park six days earli­er, Man­chester Uni­ted over­came Itali­an Serie A te­am AC Mil­an by 3-2 at San Siro Sta­dium cour­tesy of a brace from Way­ne Roo­ney and a goal by Paul Scholes. 

Way­ne Roo­ney had a re­al go at Silvio Berlusconi´s Mil­an as the in­dus­tri­ous for­ward pro­duced two as­ton­ish­ing goals at the San Siro. Al­though Man­chester Uni­ted were re­duced to ten play­ers when de­fens­ive mid­field work­horse Mi­chael Car­rick re­ceived his sec­ond yel­low card for kick­ing the ball away shortly be­fore the end, the vis­it­ing te­am batt­led it out to win the con­test. For­mer Old Traf­ford fa­vour­ite Da­vid Beck­ham gave The Red and Blacks a grand start as the mid­field maes­tro help­ed the ho­me si­de to score their fir­st goal in the third min­ute of the fix­ture. French in­ter­na­tion­al de­fender Pat­rice Ev­ra tried to clear Beck´s bril­liantly taken free kick on­ly to hook the ball to the un­marked Ron­ald­inho, who­se fine vol­ley was de­flec­ted off Car­rick pa­st a help­less Ed­win van der Sar in the Man­chester Uni­ted goal. Wi­th the fir­st ha­lf pro­gress­ing, The Reds ma­naged to score a valu­able away goal six min­utes pa­st the ha­lf-hour ma­rk when the ball went in off the left shin of Paul Scho­les af­ter he had missed his vol­ley from a cross de­livered by fel­low mid­field man Dar­ren Fletch­er. A few min­utes la­ter, how­ever, Van der Sar was put to the test when the sea­soned shot stop­per made a su­perb save to touch over An­drea Pir­lo’s dan­ger­ous free kick, be­fore he push­ed away a Ron­ald­inho drive for a corner.

The tac­tic­ally shrewd Sir Al­ex Fer­guson ev­entually de­cided to re­place Por­tugal in­ter­na­tion­al flanker Lu­is Nani wi­th Ecuadori­an wing back An­tonio Va­lencia who made an im­me­di­ate im­pact in the 66th min­ute of the pul­sating en­counter, set­ting up Roo­ney to put the vis­it­ors in front. The Man­chester Uni­ted marks­man then se­cured a his­tor­ic vic­tory when he es­caped his mark­er to head ho­me Fletch­er­’s ac­cur­ate cross in the 74th min­ute of ac­tion. Mil­an had their sec­ond goal el­ev­en min­utes af­ter­wards, tho­ugh, as Ron­ald­inho si­de-footed a cross ball and Clar­ence Seedorf flicked it wi­th his left foot be­hind his stand­ing leg and thro­ugh the legs of North­ern Ire­land de­fender Jon­ny Evans and to the left of Van der Sar to make the fi­nal sco­reline read 3-2 in the fa­vour of Uni­ted. Af­ter de­feat­ing Mil­an, Man­chester Uni­ted now held an Euro­pean re­cord of six­teen un­beaten away ga­mes. AC Mil­an Te­am: Dida, Daniele Bonera, Thi­ago Silva, Aless­andro Nesta, Massimo Am­brosini, Luca Ant­onini, Da­vid Beck­ham, Ron­ald­inho, Al­ex­an­dre Pato, Klaas Jan Hunte­laar, An­drea Pirlo. Sub­stitutes: Ig­nazio Abate, Gi­useppe Favalli, Math­ieu Flamini, Gen­naro Gat­tuso, Clar­ence Seedorf, Fil­ippo In­zaghi, Chris­ti­an Ab­bi­ati. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Ed­win van der Sar, Ra­fael, Jon­ny Evans, Rio Fer­dinand, Pat­rice Ev­ra, Mi­chael Car­rick, Dar­ren Fletch­er, Ji-sung Park, Nani, Paul Scho­les, Way­ne Roo­ney. Sub­stitutes: Ga­ry Ne­ville, Wes­ley Bro­wn, Va­lencia, Dar­ron Gib­son, Di­m­it­ar Ber­batov, Mi­chael Owen, To­masz Kuszczak.


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