Sunderland 0 Man United 3

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Sun­der­land 0 Man­chester Uni­ted 3, The Sta­dium of Light, Eng­lish Pre­mier Lea­gue, April 9, 2017. Jose Mourinho´s Man­chester Uni­ted ham­mered bot­tom-of-the-ta­ble Sun­der­land 3-0 away. Zlatan Ibrahimovic put the vis­it­ing te­am in­to the lead on the ha­lf-hour ma­rk be­fore Hen­rikh Mkhitary­an made it 2-0 af­ter 46 min­utes of play, whi­le Mar­cus Rash­ford sco­red the fi­nal goal of the con­test wi­th just a min­ute re­maining on the the referee´s clock.

Man­chester Uni­ted had be­en held to a dis­ap­point­ing 1-1 draw ag­ainst his­tor­ic­al rivals Ever­ton at Old Traf­ford in their last Pre­miership fix­ture, whi­le Sun­der­land had be­en com­fort­ably de­feated 2-0 by reign­ing Pre­mier Lea­gue Cham­pi­ons Le­ci­ester City at King Power Sta­dium. In the the cor­res­pond­ing Pre­mier Lea­gue fix­ture of the 2015-16 cam­paign, Louis van Gaal´s Man­chester Uni­ted si­de had suf­fered a nar­row 2-1 de­feat ag­ainst The Mack­ems, then ma­naged by Sam Al­lardyce, at Sta­dium of Light on the 13th of Feb­ruary 2016. In the re­verse Pre­miership meet­ing of the 2016-17 sea­son, how­ever, Jose Mourinho´s new­ly com­posed Uni­ted te­am had de­feated Sun­der­land by a 3-1 mar­gin at their Old Traf­ford ho­me, wi­th Da­ley Bli­nd open­ing the scor­ing ac­count for the red shirts six min­utes be­fore the in­ter­mis­sion, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Hen­rikh Mkhitary­an adding a goal apiece for the ramp­ant hosts in the 82nd and 86th min­ute of the en­counter re­spect­ively, where­as Fa­bio Borini re­cor­ded a late con­sol­a­tion for the vis­it­ing out­fit in the fir­st min­ute of stop­page time.

On this oc­ca­sion, Man­chester Uni­ted dom­in­ated the pos­ses­sion of the ball from the be­gin­ning and The Red Dev­ils went in­to a fully de­served 1-0 lead ag­ainst re­leg­a­tion can­did­ates Sun­der­land thanks to Swedish wiz­ard Zlatan Ibrahimovic who fou­nd the net wi­th a well pla­ced shot from twenty yards out in the 30th min­ute of the con­test. For­mer Ever­ton and West Brom­wich Al­bion stri­ker Vic­tor Anichebe had the chan­ce to equal­ise for The Black Cats in the 40th min­ute of pro­ceed­ings, but his ef­fort was mag­nificently bloc­ked by Ar­gen­tine goal­keeper Ser­gio Rom­ero, and a few mo­ments la­ter Swe­den in­ter­na­tion­al Seb Larsson was giv­en his march­ing or­ders by ref­er­ee Craig Pawson for a foul on Man­chester Uni­ted mid­field play­maker An­der Her­rera. Af­ter the ha­lf-time re­fresh­ments, Ar­meni­an mid­fielder Hen­rikh Mkhitary­an ad­ded a sec­ond goal for the gu­ests wi­th a low left-foot shot which flew pa­st Sun­der­land and Eng­land U21 goal­keeper Jor­dan Pick­ford and in­to the far bot­tom cor­ner of the net in the 46th min­ute of the clash. Da­vid Moyes´s play­ers came clo­se to scor­ing on sev­er­al oc­ca­sions as the sec­ond pe­riod wore on, but Rom­ero ma­naged to keep a clean sheet. And wi­th one min­ute re­maining of the ga­me, Three Li­ons in­ter­na­tion­al Mar­cus Rash­ford fin­ished a counter-at­tack wi­th an ac­ccur­ate ef­fort in­to the bot­tom left cor­ner to com­plete a com­pre­hens­ive 3-0 away suc­cess ag­ainst the strug­gling Tyne and Wear club. Sun­der­land Te­am: Jor­dan Pick­ford, Ja­son De­nay­er, Billy Jones, Lam­ine Kone, Seb Larsson, Bry­an Oviedo, Jack Rod­well, Lee Cat­ter­mole, Didi­er Ndong, Vic­tor Anichebe, Jer­main De­foe. Sub­stitutes: Vito Man­none, Pa­py Djilobodji, Javi Man­quillo, Dar­ron Gib­son, Ste­ven Pien­aar, Fa­bio Borini, Wahbi Khazri. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Ser­gio Rom­ero, Eric Bailly, Mat­teo Dar­mian, Mar­cos Rojo, Lu­ke Shaw, An­der Her­rera, Mar­ou­ane Fel­laini, Jesse Lin­gard, Hen­rikh Mkhitary­an, Paul Po­gba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Sub­stitutes: Joel Pe­reira, Axel Tu­an­zebe, Da­ley Bli­nd, Tim Fosu-Mensah, Mi­chael Car­rick, An­thony Mar­tial, Mar­cus Rashford.


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