Sweden 4 England 2

Danny Welbeck

Swe­den 4 Eng­land 2, The Friends Arena Sta­dium, In­ter­na­tion­al Friendly Mat­ch, Nov­ember 14, 2012. Zlatan Ibrahimovic be­came the fir­st play­er to score four goals in a mat­ch ag­ainst Eng­land as The Blue and Yel­low be­at The Three Li­ons by a 4-2 mar­gin in Stockholm.

The Scand­inavi­ans mar­ked the open­ing of the new 50,000-seat Friends Arena in Stock­holm wi­th a 4-2 vic­tory ag­ainst Eng­land. Zlatan Ibrahimovic sent the ho­me si­de ahead when the sea­soned cam­paign­er poked ho­me af­ter twenty min­utes of ac­tion, but the vis­it­ors hit back thro­ugh Dan­ny Wel­beck who vol­leyed in the equal­iser five min­utes pa­st the ha­lf-hour ma­rk. The goal in­jec­ted more fight­ing spir­it in­to the vis­it­ors and a mere three min­utes la­ter they took the lead as a free-kick from Ste­ven Ger­rard fou­nd Ste­ven Caulk­er who be­at An­dreas Isaks­son from clo­se ran­ge. Swe­den would come back strong­er af­ter the re­start of play, tho­ugh, and lev­elled the score thanks to a fine fin­ish from Ibrahimovic in the 77th min­ute of the friendly tie. The Par­is Saint-Ger­main for­ward then put the hosts in front for the sec­ond time in the ga­me when he fired a long-dis­tance free-kick pa­st Joe Hart and in­to the bot­tom right-hand cor­ner of the net on 84 min­utes be­fore he went on to re­gister his fourth goal of the night wi­th an as­ton­ish­ing bi­cycle-kick from 30 yards out in the fi­nal min­ute of nor­mal time. Swe­den Te­am: An­dreas Isaks­son, An­dreas Gran­qv­ist, Mi­kael Lust­ig, Jo­nas Ols­son, Se­basti­an Larsson, Mar­tin Ols­son, Rasmus Elm, Al­ex Kacanik­lic, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Math­i­as Rane­gie, Kim Kall­strom. Sub­stitutes: Mi­kael Ant­onsson, Pon­tus Jans­son, Jiloan Ha­mad, Samuel Hol­men, Behrang Sa­fari, To­bi­as Sana, An­ders Svens­son, Pon­tus Wern­bloom, Mar­cus Berg, Par Hans­son. Eng­land Te­am: Joe Hart, Ste­ven Caulk­er, Ga­ry Ca­hill, Glen John­son, Ash­ley Young, Leigh­ton Baines, Tom Clev­er­ley, Ste­ven Ger­rard , Ra­heem Ster­ling, Dan­ny Wel­beck, Le­on Os­man. Sub­stitutes: Carl Jen­kin­son, Ry­an Shaw­cross, Ry­an Ber­trand, Tom Hud­dle­stone, Wil­fried Za­ha, Phil Ja­gielka, Jack Wil­shere, Dan­iel Stur­ridge, Fraser For­ster, John Ruddy.


Danny Welbeck Quickfacts

Dan­ny Wel­beck net­ted a brace when The Three Li­ons out­classed the min­nows of Mol­dova by a 4-0 score in a Wor­ld Cup Qual­i­fy­ing ga­me at Wemb­ley Sta­dium on the 6th of Septem­ber 2013. 


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