Man Utd 3 Cambridge Utd 0

Juan Mata

Man­chester Uni­ted 3 Cam­bridge Uni­ted 0, Old Traf­ford, FA Cup Fourth Ro­und Re­play, Feb­ruary 3, 2015. Man­chester Uni­ted had no re­al prob­lems in beat­ing Lea­gue Two min­nows Cam­bridge Uni­ted as they won the re­play wi­th The U´s 3-0 thanks to a goal each by Ju­an Ma­ta and Mar­cos Rojo be­fore the break and a late sec­ond ha­lf goal from Ja­mes Wilson.

Man­chester Uni­ted en­ter­tained Lea­gue Two te­am Cam­bridge Uni­ted in an FA Cup Fourth Ro­und Re­play at Old Traf­ford af­ter the clubs had  played out a goal­less draw at Ab­bey Sta­dium. The Reds were with­out the ser­vices of the in­jured Mi­chael Car­rick and Ash­ley Young, but North­ern Ire­land in­ter­na­tion­al Jon­ny Evans made his re­turn to the fir­st te­am squad. The Ab­bey Sta­dium club, for their part, were mis­sing ver­sat­ile de­fender Har­ris­on Dunk and at­tack­ing mid­fielder Liam Hug­hes be­cause of in­jury prob­lems. Cam­bridge Uni­ted al­most went in­to an early lead with­in the fir­st min­ute of the mat­ch when a mis­take from Da­ley Bli­nd saw the ball end up at the feet of for­mer Stock­port Coun­ty stri­ker Tom El­li­ott who stormed for­ward, but his fir­st time ef­fort hit the ver­tic­al post. The Old Traf­ford si­de ev­entually took the ad­vant­age as Mar­ou­ane Fel­laini knock­ed down a cross from An­gel Di Mar­ia in­to the path of Ju­an Ma­ta and the at­tack minded mid­field play­er ham­mered ho­me from clo­se ran­ge to make the score 1-0 to the hosts in the 25th min­ute of the re­play. And on­ly sev­en min­utes la­ter in the ga­me, the ho­me te­am doubled their lead when Mar­cos Rojo sco­red his fir­st goal for his new em­ploy­ers by con­vert­ing a clev­er chip from Robin van Per­sie. Man­chester Uni­ted fi­nally had their third goal of the night cour­tesy of Ja­mes Wil­son, who­se low and hard shot from the edge of the eight­een-yard area went pa­st Cam­bridge net­mind­er Chris Dunn and in­to the back of the goal wi­th sev­en­teen min­utes re­maining of nor­mal time. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Da­vid de Gea, Jon­athan Evans, Mar­cos Rojo, Pad­dy McNair, Chris Small­ing, Da­ley Bli­nd, Way­ne Roo­ney, An­gel Di Mar­ia, Ju­an Ma­ta, Mar­ou­ane Fel­laini, Robin van Per­sie. Sub­stitutes: Phil Jones, Ash­ley Young, An­der Her­rera, An­tonio Va­lencia, Ra­damel Fal­cao, Ja­mes Wil­son, Vic­tor Valdes. Cam­bridge Uni­ted Te­am: Chris Dunn, Joshua Coulson, Rich­ard Tait, Greg Tay­lor, Mi­chael Nel­son, Lu­ke Chad­wick, Tom Cham­pi­on, Ry­an Don­ald­son, Camer­on McGee­han, Tom El­li­ott, Rob­bie Simp­son. Sub­stitutes: Will Nor­ris, Ian Miller, Domin­ic Ball, Bob­by-Joe Tay­lor, Gear­oid Mor­ris­sey, Rory Gaffney, Sul­lay Kaikai.


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