England 1 United States 1

The Eng­land Squad for the 2010 FIFA Wor­ld Cup in­cluded Da­vid Ja­mes, Glen John­son, Ash­ley Cole, John Terry, Rob Green, Ste­ven Ger­rard, Aar­on Len­non, Frank Lam­pard Ju­ni­or, Pe­ter Crouch, Way­ne Roo­ney, Ja­mes Mil­ner, Steph­en War­nock, Led­ley King, Gar­eth Bar­ry, Mat­thew Up­son, Jam­ie Car­ra­gh­er, Emile Hes­key, Mi­chael Car­rick, Joe Cole, Jer­main De­foe, Shaun Wright-Phil­lips, and Joe Hart. The Wor­ld Cup Fi­nals Group Sta­ge en­counter be­tween Eng­land and the Uni­ted States at the 42,000 ca­pa­city Roy­al Ba­fokeng Sta­dium in Rusten­burg on the 12th of June 2010 was the fir­st Wor­ld Cup meet­ing be­tween the two coun­tries since the Amer­ic­ans ma­naged to edge out Wal­ter Win­ter­bot­tom’s play­ers by a 1-0 score at Es­ta­dio In­de­pend­en­cia in Be­lo Ho­ri­zonte thanks to a fir­st frame goal from Haitian born of­fice work­er and centre for­ward Joe Gaetjens on the 29th of June 1950 in the tour­na­ment in Brazil. And just like in June 1950, Eng­land were over­whelm­ing fa­vour­ites to over­come the Uni­ted States when they played The Stars and Stri­pes in their Wor­ld Cup open­er in June 2010. Fol­low­ing the early skir­mishes, Liver­pool mid­field or­ches­trat­or Ste­ven Ger­rard pro­vided The Three Li­ons wi­th the lead on four min­utes when he col­lec­ted a pen­et­rat­ing pass from As­ton Vil­la fa­vour­ite Emile Hes­key and put the ball pa­st shot stop­per Tim How­ard and in­to the goal wi­th a bril­liant strike wi­th the out­side of his right foot. But des­pite tak­ing an early lead, Eng­land seemed to lack in­spir­a­tion as they let the Amer­ic­an si­de back in­to the mat­ch. As the tussle pro­gressed, Bob Bradley´s men be­came more con­fid­ent, and they came clo­se to scor­ing af­ter 19 min­utes of ac­tion when a cross from Los Angeles Galaxy flank for­ward Landon Donovan was met by Vil­lareal at­tack­er Joy Altidore, on­ly to see his head­er go­ing wide. But, wi­th a mere five min­utes re­maining of the fir­st-ha­lf, the Uni­ted States had their equal­iser as a harm­less shot from Ful­ham mid­fielder Clint De­mp­sey slipped thro­ugh the fin­gers of Rob Green and in­to the net to make the score one-all.

In sharp con­trast to his Eng­land coun­ter­part, Tim How­ard had an ex­cel­lent mat­ch as he kept his coun­try in the ga­me wi­th a num­ber of su­perb saves af­ter the re­sump­tion of play. And al­though Way­ne Roo­ney put the Ever­ton goal­keeper to the test on sev­er­al oc­ca­sions as the con­test wore on, the Man­chester Uni­ted icon failed to find the back of the net ag­ainst a hard work­ing and well or­gan­ised Amer­ic­an de­fence. Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur stri­ker Pe­ter Crouch came on as a re­place­ment for Emile Hes­key wi­th twelve min­utes left on the watch, but failed to make an im­pact and the clash fin­ished wi­th a dis­ap­point­ing draw for Eng­land. To top it all, White Hart Lane de­fender Led­ley King picked up a groin in­jury which would keep him out of the rest of the Wor­ld Cup tour­na­ment in So­uth Africa, and wi­th ex­per­i­enced Man­chester Uni­ted centre back Rio Fer­dinand al­ready ruled out by a knee prob­lem, Eng­land boss Fa­bio Capello was now left wi­th Jam­ie Car­ra­gh­er, Mi­chael Dawson, and Mat­thew Up­son as po­ten­tial part­ners to John Terry. As for Rob Green, the hap­less cus­todi­an was dropped for the next ga­me and re­placed by Da­vid Ja­mes. Eng­land Te­am: Rob Green, John Terry, Glen John­son, Led­ley King, Ja­mes Mil­ner, Ash­ley Cole, Ste­ven Ger­rard, Frank Lam­pard, Aar­on Len­non, Way­ne Roo­ney, Emile Hes­key. Sub­stitutes: Joe Hart, Da­vid Ja­mes, Mi­chael Dawson, Mat­thew Up­son, Gar­eth Bar­ry, Steph­en War­nock, Jam­ie Car­ra­gh­er, Mi­chael Car­rick, Joe Cole, Shaun Wright-Phil­lips, Pe­ter Crouch, Jer­main De­foe. Uni­ted States Te­am: Tim How­ard, Ogu­chi Onyewu, Car­los Bocanegra, Jay De­Mer­it, Ste­ve Cher­un­d­olo, Mi­chael Brad­ley, Ri­cardo Clark, Landon Donovan, Clint De­mp­sey, Jozy Altidore, Rob­bie Find­ley. Sub­stitutes: Brad Guz­an, Mar­cus Hahne­mann, Jon­athan Born­stein, Clar­ence Good­son, Jon­athan Spect­or, DaM­ar­cus Beas­ley, Mau­rice Edu, Benny Feil­haber, Stu­art Hold­en, Jose Fran­cisco Torres, Ed­son Buddle, Her­culez Gomez.


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