Manchester Utd 3 Derby 0

Wyn Davies

Man­chester Uni­ted 3 Der­by Coun­ty 0, Old Traf­ford, Eng­lish Foot­ball Lea­gue Fir­st Di­vi­sion, Sep­tember 23, 1972. Man­chester Uni­ted se­cured their fir­st vic­tory of the 1972-73 sea­son af­ter de­feat­ing Der­by Coun­ty by a con­vin­cing 3-0 score at Old Traf­ford. Ian Storey-Moore net­ted the open­ing goal for Uni­ted be­fore the break, whi­le Wyn Dav­ies and Wil­lie Mor­gan re­cor­ded one each in the sec­ond pe­riod.

Man­chester Uni­ted had drawn wi­th Lei­cester City, Arsen­al, Chel­sea, and West Ham Uni­ted, and lost to Ips­wich To­wn, Liver­pool, Ever­ton, Cov­entry City, and Wolver­hampton Wan­derers thus far in the 1972-73 cam­paign. As for Der­by Coun­ty, The Rams had de­feated Man­chester City, Liver­pool, and Birm­ing­ham City, drawn wi­th South­ampton and Crys­tal Pal­ace, and lost ag­ainst Chel­sea, Nor­wich City, Ever­ton, and West Brom­wich Al­bion. Man­chester Uni­ted had edged out Der­by by 1-0 in the cor­res­pond­ing meet­ing the pre­vi­ous year, but they were by no means fa­vor­ites to over­come Coun­ty on the pen­ul­tim­ate Sat­urday of Sep­tember 1972. Be­fore the fix­ture, Frank O´Farrell´s troops were sit­ting at the bot­tom of the Lea­gue Di­vi­sion One ta­ble, whi­le Bri­an Clough´s men were in 13th po­s­i­tion. In this ga­me, how­ever, Man­chester Uni­ted were back to their win­ning ways fol­low­ing a dis­mal start to the new sea­son, and The Reds pro­duced three goals in a com­pet­it­ive mat­ch for the fir­st time since the 3-0 de­moli­tion of Sto­ke City at Old Traf­ford on the fi­nal day of the 1971-72 cam­paign.

Wyn Dav­ies, who was ma­king his Fir­st Di­vi­sion de­but for Man­chester Uni­ted af­ter ar­riv­ing from neigh­bour­ing rivals Man­chester City for a bar­gain trans­fer fee of £60,000, came clo­se to scor­ing an early goal, but his head­er from a Wil­lie Mor­gan cross went in­ches over the bar. But twelve min­utes be­fore the sound of the ha­lf-time whistle Uni­ted fi­nally made the break­through when a clev­er high ball in­to the pen­alty box from Ge­orge Best fou­nd for­mer Not­ting­ham For­est goal poach­er Ian Storey-Moore who head­ed over away net­mind­er Co­lin Boulton to hand his new em­ploy­er a well-earned lead. De­fend­ing Foot­ball Lea­gue Cham­pi­ons Der­by Coun­ty, who had be­en beaten by Man­chester Uni­ted in the race to sign Storey-Moore, moun­ted con­sid­er­able pres­sure fol­low­ing the re­start, but their stri­kers were waste­ful in front of goal. Then, ag­ainst the flow of play, Man­chester Uni­ted doubled their ad­vant­age af­ter a non­chal­ant clear­ance from the Der­by Coun­ty de­fence ended at the feet of Dav­ies who ham­mered the ball pa­st Boulton and in­to the right si­de of the net from in­side the area six min­utes pa­st the hour ma­rk. And on­ly a mere nine min­utes la­ter in the con­test, Mor­gan latched onto a mag­ni­fi­cent thro­ugh ball from Best and sco­red wi­th a low ef­fort to com­plete a 3-0 tri­umph for the hosts.

Else­where, Sto­ke City out­classed Man­chester City 5-1 at Vic­tor­ia Gro­und, Birm­ing­ham City be­at Ever­ton 2-1 at St Andrew´s, Spurs se­cured a 1-0 win ag­ainst West ham Uni­ted at White Hart Lane cour­tesy of a sec­ond-ha­lf goal from Lon­don born wing­er Jim­my Pe­arce, Liver­pool thumped Shef­field Uni­ted by 5-0 at An­field, West Brom­wich Al­bion edged out Cov­entry City by 1-0 at The Haw­thorns, Leeds Uni­ted went down 3-2 ag­ainst New­castle Uni­ted at St Ja­mes´ Park, Chel­sea trashed Ips­wich To­wn 2-0 at Stam­ford Bridge, Lei­cester City and Wol­ves shared the points in a 1-1 draw at Fil­bert Street, Crys­tal Pal­ace lost 2-0 ag­ainst South­ampton at The Dell, whi­le Nor­wich City de­feated Arsen­al 3-2 at Car­row Road. The 3-0 vic­tory over Der­by meant that Man­chester Uni­ted mo­ved up to 21st po­s­i­tion in the Fir­st Di­vi­sion ta­ble, where­as Coun­ty dropped down to 15th place. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Al­ex Step­ney, Ste­ve Ja­mes, Ian Don­ald, An­thony Dun­ne, Mar­tin Bu­chan, Bob­by Charl­ton, Wil­lie Mor­gan, An­thony Young, Wyn Dav­ies, Ian Storey-Moore, Ge­orge Best. Sub­sti­tute: Bri­an Kidd. Der­by Coun­ty Te­am: Co­lin Boulton, Da­vid Nish, Terry Hen­nessey, Roy Mc­Far­land, Co­lin Todd, Ste­ve Pow­ell, Arch­ie Gem­mill, John McGov­ern, John O’Hare, Kev­in Hec­tor, Alan Hin­ton. Sub­sti­tute: John Rob­son.


Wyn Davies Quickfacts

Ron­ald “Wyn” Dav­ies played for Welsh clubs Caern­ar­fon To­wn and Wrex­ham be­fore he sig­ned wi­th Bol­ton Wan­derers in 1962. Fol­low­ing 66 goals in 155 Foot­ball Lea­gue mat­ches for the Burnden Park si­de, he joi­ned New­castle Uni­ted for a then club re­cord trans­fer fee of £80,000 in 1966. Af­ter a brief spell at Man­chester City in the 1971-72 sea­son, the tar­get man had an equally short stint at Man­chester Uni­ted in the 1972-73 cam­paign. Dav­ies la­ter ap­peared for Black­pool, Crys­tal Pal­ace, Stock­port Coun­ty, Crewe Al­ex­an­dra, and Ban­gor City, and fi­nally So­uth Afric­an si­de Cape To­wn City where he ended his play­ing days in 1979.


Man­chester Uni­ted Ten Pre­vi­ous Mat­ches

1972-73 Sea­son:

Liver­pool 2 Man­chester Uni­ted 0

Ever­ton 2 Man­chester Uni­ted 0

Man­chester Uni­ted 1 Lei­cester City 1

Man­chester Uni­ted 0 Arsen­al 0

Man­chester Uni­ted 0 Chel­sea 0

West Ham Uni­ted 2 Man­chester Uni­ted 2

Ox­ford Uni­ted 2 Man­chester Un­tied 2

Man­chester Uni­ted 0 Cov­entry City 1

Man­chester Uni­ted 3 Ox­ford Uni­ted 1

Wolver­hampton Wan­derers 2 Man­chester Uni­ted 0

Man­ager: Frank O´Farrell

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