Denmark 1 England 2

Wayne Rooney

Den­mark 1 Eng­land 2, Parken Sta­dium, In­ter­na­tion­al Friendly Mat­ch, Feb­ruary 9, 2011. Goals from As­ton Villa´s Dar­ren Bent and Ash­ley Young gave Eng­land their fir­st vic­tory in Copen­ha­gen since they edged out Den­mark by 4-3 on the 20th of Septem­ber 1978. 

The Three Li­ons, who came from be­hind to win the battle 2-1 on ac­count of the fact that they were a far bet­ter te­am on the night, star­ted the mat­ch well and Man­chester United´s Way­ne Roo­ney al­most sco­red in­side five min­utes, but his ef­fort from in­side the eight­een-yard area was bloc­ked. The ho­me si­de went in­to the lead when Chris­ti­an Eriksen fou­nd Dan­iel Ag­ger who sent an un­stoppable head­er pa­st Man­chester City shot stop­per Joe Hart on eight min­utes, but Eng­land re­spon­ded in­stantly as Dar­ren Bent con­ver­ted a Theo Wal­cott cross. Fa­bio Capello´s ha­lf-time words of wis­dom ap­par­ently had an im­pact as Eng­land im­proved dra­mat­ic­ally fol­low­ing the in­ter­val and began to cre­ate more goal scor­ing chances. Bent had a great op­por­tun­ity to re­gister his sec­ond goal of the clash early in the sec­ond pe­riod, but the twenty-sev­en-year-old stri­ker put his ef­fort wide. Then, in the 68th min­ute of the friendly en­counter, ha­lf-time sub­sti­tute Ash­ley Young ma­naged to find the back of the net when the speedy wing­man be­at Sto­ke City goal­keeper Tho­mas Sor­ensen wi­th an as­ton­ish­ing fin­ish to give the Three Li­ons a well-de­served win over Den­mark. All in all it was a most en­cour­aging ga­me for Eng­land, not least for Young. Den­mark, for their part, also seemed to en­joy them­selves and once ag­ain proved that there was noth­ing rot­ten at all wi­th the state of their sports­man­ship. Den­mark Te­am: Tho­mas Sor­ensen, Lars Jac­ob­sen, Math­i­as Jor­gensen, Dan­iel Ag­ger, Si­mon Busk Poulsen, Chris­ti­an Eriksen, Mi­chael Krohn-Dehli, Wil­li­am Kv­ist, Nick­las Bendt­ner, Den­nis Rommedahl, Chris­ti­an Poulsen. Sub­stitutes: An­ders Linde­gaard, Si­mon Kjaer, Dan­iel Wass, Tho­mas En­e­vold­sen, Mads Junker, Lasse Schone, Mi­chael Sil­berbauer, Mar­tin Vingaard, Kas­per Lorentzen, Nick­las Ped­er­sen. Eng­land Te­am: Joe Hart, Mi­chael Dawson, John Terry, Glen John­son, Ja­mes Mil­ner, Ash­ley Cole, Frank Lam­pard Ju­ni­or, Jack Wil­shere, Way­ne Roo­ney, Theo Wal­cott, Dar­ren Bent. Sub­stitutes: Ro­bert Green, Da­vid Stock­dale, Kyle Walk­er, Ga­ry Ca­hill, Jo­leon Le­scott, Gar­eth Bar­ry, Leigh­ton Baines, Ash­ley Young, Stew­art Down­ing, Scott Par­ker, Carlton Cole, Jer­main Defoe.


England Quickfacts

Eng­land be­at Den­mark 4-1 in a Wor­ld Cup Quali­fier at Idraett­s­parken on the 15th of May 1957 thanks to a brace by Tom­my Tay­lor and a goal each from Johnny Haynes and John Atyeo. 


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