Wolves 3 Manchester Utd 2

Steve James

Wolver­hampton Wan­derers 3 Man­chester Uni­ted 2, Mo­lineux Sta­dium, Eng­lish Foot­ball Lea­gue Fir­st Di­vi­sion, Oct­ober 3, 1970. Wolver­hampton Wan­derers edged out Man­chester Uni­ted to the tune of a 3-2 mar­gin at Mo­lineux Grounds. Bob­by Gould, who had joi­ned Wol­ves from UEFA Inter-Cit­ies Fair Cup win­ners Ar­senal for a trans­fer fee of £55,000 at the be­gin­ning of the 1970-71 sea­son, re­gistered a tre­ble for the ho­me si­de, whi­le Alan Gowl­ing and Bri­an Kidd ma­naged to score one goal apiece for Uni­ted.

Man­chester Uni­ted had de­feated Burn­ley, Ever­ton, and Cov­entry City, drawn ag­ainst Chel­sea, West Ham Uni­ted, Liver­pool, and Black­pool, and lost to Leeds Uni­ted, Ar­senal, and Ips­wich To­wn in their fir­st ten mat­ches of the cam­paign, where­as Wolver­hampton had over­come Cov­entry City, Ips­wich To­wn, Hud­dersfield To­wn, and Burn­ley, drawn ag­ainst Sto­ke City and Chel­sea, and lost ag­ainst New­castle Uni­ted, Der­by Coun­ty, Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur, and Not­ting­ham For­est. Sum­mer sign­ing Bob­by Gould pro­vided the lead for Wolver­hampton in the sec­ond min­ute of the fix­ture af­ter a mis­take from Man­chester Uni­ted de­fender Ste­ve Ja­mes. Nine min­utes la­ter, Alan Gowl­ing ma­naged to equal­ise for the vis­it­ors from Man­chester when the pro­mising young stri­ker fol­lowed up a shot from Bob­by Charl­ton which hit the cross­bar, on­ly for Gould to re­gister his sec­ond goal of the af­ter­noon in the 36th min­ute to make the ha­lf time score 2-1 to Wan­derers. And shortly af­ter the re­sump­tion of play, Gould com­pleted his hat-trick be­fore Bri­an Kidd pulled one back for Wilf McGuinness´s Man­chester Uni­ted in the 68th min­ute of the tussle. But wi­th no more goals to be fou­nd, the ga­me ended 2-1 in the fa­vour of The Old Gold and Black. At Mo­lineux, Man­chester Uni­ted look­ed a shad­ow of their for­mer selves, and al­though The Reds rea­ched the Foot­ball Lea­gue Cup Semi-Fi­nals dur­ing the 1970-71 sea­son, the cam­paign as a who­le turned out to be a big dis­ap­point­ment for the Old Traf­ford club and their loy­al fans. Wolver­hampton Wan­derers Te­am: Phil Par­kes, Bern­ard Shaw, Derek Par­kin, Mi­ke Bai­ley, Frank Mun­ro, John Mc­Alle, Jim Mc­Cal­liog, Ken­ny Hi­b­bitt, Bob­by Gould, Derek Dou­gan, Dave Wag­staffe. Sub­sti­tute: John Richards. Man­chester Uni­ted Te­am: Jim­my Rim­mer, Wil­lie Wat­son, Steph­en Ja­mes, Da­vid Sad­ler, Fran­cis Burns, John Fitz­patrick, Wil­lie Mor­gan, Alan Gowl­ing, Bob­by Charl­ton, Bri­an Kidd, Ge­orge Best. Sub­sti­tute: Carlo Sartori.


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