The fir­st foot­ball te­am in Nor­way was prob­ably star­ted by a buekorps in Ber­gen, Nygaards Batal­jon, in 1883. In 1885 the fir­st Nor­we­gi­an club how­ever, Idraets­for­en­in­gen Odd, was foun­ded in Ski­en. The foot­balling in­terest was very low, and was put on ice af­ter a few months. How­ever, the club Odd Gren­land star­ted up wi­th foot­ball ag­ain in 1894, and are now Nor­way’s old­est foot­ball club. The Foot­ball As­so­ci­ation of Nor­way (the NFF), was foun­ded in 1902, and qui­ckly es­tab­lished a cup com­pet­i­tion. Af­ter the NFF joi­ned FIFA in 1908, Nor­way had its fir­st ever in­ter­na­tion­al mat­ch, away ag­ainst Swe­den in Gothen­burg; des­pite Nor­way tak­ing the lead af­ter a mere 45 sec­onds, Swe­den went on to win 11-3. In 1911 Nor­way hos­ted its fir­st in­ter­na­tion­al in Oslo, ag­ain ag­ainst Swe­den; this time Nor­way lost 4-0. In 1912 the Nor­way na­tion­al te­am at­ten­ded the Olympic Ga­mes, and were knock­ed out af­ter los­ing to Den­mark and Aus­tria 7-0 and 1-0 re­spect­ively. The NFF hos­ted the FIFA con­gress in Oslo in 1914, where a na­tion­al lea­gue was es­tab­lished wi­th six te­ams com­peted for the title Drafn, Frigg, Kvik/Halden, Lar­vik Turn, Mer­cant­ile and Odd. Drafn from Dram­men went on to be the fir­st lea­gue win­ners. At the 1936 Sum­mer Olympics, the Nor­way na­tion­al men’s te­am won their on­ly medal (bronze). In the re­l­at­ively suc­cess­ful tour­na­ment Nor­way be­at Tur­key and hosts Ger­many 4-0 and 2-0 re­spect­ively, los­ing to Italy in the semi-fi­nal, then beat­ing Po­land 3-2 in the third-place play-off to take the bronze medal. The te­am is known in Nor­way as “Bron­sel­a­get” mean­ing the Bronze te­am. The Nor­we­gi­an foot­ball te­am won 2-1 to Brazil in 1998. Nor­way is also the on­ly na­tion­al te­am in his­tory to have an un­defeated re­cord vs Brazil, Play­ing 4 mat­ches and win­ning 2 and draw­ing the oth­er 2.

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